Spiritual Health


We are dedicated to the well-being of our patients and families. Spiritual care is available for people of all religious beliefs and for those without a faith community.

How spiritual care can help

As members of the health care team, spiritual health practitioners are trained to provide comprehensive spiritual care and emotional support, and respond to persons who are experiencing distress by:

  • Listening and facilitating communication
  • Assessing spiritual needs and concerns
  • Providing spiritual care and counselling
  • Supporting those facing crisis situations
  • Exploring faith and mortality
  • Exploring meaning and purpose
  • Contacting spiritual or religious community
  • Exploring possibilities for reconciliation
  • Guiding through the grief process
  • Supporting those with existential or spiritual distress

Caring for the whole person

We have a dedicated team of spiritual health practitioners and volunteers available at many of our facilities.


Email spiritual.health@fraserhealth.ca

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