Non-residential treatment program for adults in early addiction recovery.

We offer three adult intensive recovery day treatment programs to assist adults who are working to overcome substance use issues, following their participation in a withdrawal management program:

  • Transitional Education for Adult Motivation (TEAM) for men and women
  • Women’s Empowerment for Living & Learning (WELL) for women only
  • Men’s Empowerment for Living & Learning (MELL) for men only

The goal of these programs is to help adults reduce or abstain from substance use through intensive group counselling and activities.

We provide a non-residential education and treatment program that includes recovery and life skills, group interaction and support to promote understanding and self-awareness. Each program runs for four to five weeks.



Adults 19 years and older who:

  • Have participated in a withdrawal management program
  • Currently have stable housing
  • Is able to manage their mental health issues or does not have a mental illness
  • Is able to participate in learning sessions
  • Wants to change their substance use and/or are worried about relapsing


Contact your community substance use services clinic to find out if this service is right for you.