Information for industry professionals interested in collaborating with us.

Why do research at Fraser Health?

High quality health care is always grounded on the outcome of research and innovation. Our goal is to be world class in knowledge transfer and integration of leading edge research into practice. We have a supportive research environment to ensure that research conducted in our health authority meets the highest standards for scientific quality, conduct and reporting.

Learn more about the advantages of conducting research in our health authority.

What does my company need to know about Fraser Health?

Fraser Health is a publicly funded regional authority serving 1.8 million people that oversees the provision of all publicly funded health services at its owned and operated acute and community sites from Burnaby to Hope. Fraser Health's Department of Evaluation and Research Services provides approvals for the implementation of regulated and non-regulated studies.

For information on the studies conducted in Fraser Health, see our research study database. For assistance in contacting a Fraser Health site, contact Susan Chunick.

What do physicians need to know to conduct research in a Fraser Health site?

Physicians who wish to participate in clinical trials as a site principal investigator are not employees of Fraser Health, but must have privileges with Fraser Health. Physicians are only allowed to conduct research at hospital sites for which they are privileges. All physicians must have their ethics application signed off by their immediate administrative supervisor in the health authority.

Physicians who conduct research out of their own business offices are not required to obtain Fraser Health approvals as their private businesses are outside of the remit of the health authority.

What is Fraser Health's role in the conduct of industry sponsored research?

Fraser Health’s role in the conduct of industry sponsored clinical research is limited to providing the Research Ethics Board and access to medical records, data and other resources for the study to be carried out, including the location in which the study will be conducted.  

Our department oversees the entire approval process to ensure that all applicable approvals are in place including the provision of contract review and administration of the research ethics board process. We are also responsible for providing the health authority’s overall approval for all research conducted in Fraser Health by issuing the Letter of Authorization to Conduct Research (LOA) to the principal investigator. Research can only begin once the LOA is received.

Does Fraser Health collect an ethics review fee?

We collect an ethics review fee of $4,000 for all industry sponsored research studies, including clinical trials as well as any observational or survey research. This includes the initial application and any subsequent amendments, annual renewals and other submitted documentation, such as protocol deviations, serious adverse events, etc.  

Are physicians a party to clinical trial agreements? 

Physicians are always a party to the contract with the industry sponsor as is Fraser Health.

Fraser Health permits physicians to be paid directly by the sponsor if they choose to hold payments in their own business.

What is the negotiation process like for clinical trial agreements?

Refer to Clinical Trial section for information on the negotiation process.

Is an insurance certificate required?

The sponsor must always provide an insurance certificate that matches the negotiated terms of the clinical trial agreement. The sponsor can be asked to submit a revised insurance certificate.

Where are the Fraser Health hospital sites?

See the Fraser Health research map that depicts research sites across our region. Up to 19 pharmaceutical/device companies have engaged Fraser Health privileged physicians to conduct research in Fraser Health. For information on some of the clinical trial sites, see clinical trials research groups.

Are W-8 Ben forms completed by Fraser Health?

The completion of W8-Ben forms for clinical trials regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration is the responsibility of the Fraser Health clinical trial site only. These are not completed by the institution.

What is the overhead payment required for industry sponsored research?

All industry sponsored studies are required to pay an annual institutional overhead fee of 10 per cent to the Department of Evaluation and Research Services for active studies.

An exception is for any active studies that were approved by the Fraser Health Research Ethics Board prior to December 9, 2010. These studies are required to pay an annual institutional overhead fee of seven per cent.

The amount of the overhead is based on the revenue collected by the Fraser Health site for their submitted case report forms. We submit an invoice to the Fraser Health principal investigator at the time of annual ethics renewal in order to collect the overhead.