Community Intraveneous Therapy


The Community IV Therapy Program is for people who require ongoing intravenous antibiotics but do not need to be hospitalized.

This program allows people to be discharged from hospital earlier and receive safe and effective care at home.  

This is one of the many Home Health services we offer.

Who provides this service?

Depending on where you live, this service is provided by Home Care Nursing or an outpatient IV nurse from the hospital. 

Am I eligible?

You must meet eligibility requirements to receive Home Health services and be screened by a hospital outpatient IV nurse.

Is there a cost?

Some Home Health services are provided free of charge while others include a cost based on your after tax income. Learn more about the costs of Home Health services.

How do I access Community Intravenous Therapy?

You can access this service through your Home Health care provider. Learn more about accessing this service.


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