Supports for Depression and Anxiety


Supports are available to women who are experiencing anxiety or depression throughout their pregnancy and after having the baby.

Public Health Nurse

Informing our clients and our communities about the nature of postpartum depression and the supports that are available is an important practice of public health nurses.

  • Public health nurses offer telephone and home visitation support to pregnant women and women with a new baby who are experiencing depression or anxiety.
    • Working collaboratively with you to explore options, including what support you might need.
    • Knowledgeable about community support services and working closely with you, your physician, and local community or mental health services.
  • Public Health Parent/Baby Groups: Connecting with other parents of young children can often be a great support to women who have just had a new baby. There are groups available throughout Fraser Health.

To learn more, contact your local public health unit and speak with a nurse.

Family Doctor or Midwife

Connect with your family doctor or midwife to explain how you are feeling. They are available to assess and diagnose your symptoms.

They can discuss anti-depressants or other medications that are safe with breastfeeding that may help.

Doctors may also refer to additional supports such as Reproductive Mental Health in your community.

8-1-1 at HealthLink BC

A free service available 24 hours a day. You can connect with a nurse to talk about any symptoms that may be worrying you. Pharmacists are also available if you have questions about any medications you may be taking. Visit HealthLink BC to learn more.

Crisis Line

Fraser Health Crisis Line: 604.951.8855 | 1.877.820.7444. Immediate, free, and confidential emotional support, crisis intervention and community resource information to people of all ages 24 hours a day – everyday.

Mental Health Services in Fraser Health

Mental Health services in Fraser Health are committed to providing a responsive, inclusive system of mental health and substance use care which recognizes that recovery is a deeply personal and unique process. We provide a wide range of acute and community services and contract with community agencies to provide services that complete and complement our own services.

Contact your local mental health centre in Fraser Health.

Community Support Programs and Resources

Anxiety BC for Mothers

  • Anxiety BC for Mothers provides resources on how to effectively manage anxiety during the pregnancy and post-partum periods.

Pacific Postpartum Support Society

  • A service that offers telephone support, weekly women support groups and support for partners
  • Women can self-refer or have a referral from their doctor or midwife
  • The initial intake call is an opportunity for women to learn if the service is right for them
  • Call 604.255.7999 or check out to learn more

Here to Help

BC Reproductive Mental Health

Fraser Reproductive Mental Health Program

  • Located at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster and at Surrey Mental Health Centre, the program provides assessment and follow-up for women struggling with mental health issues in pregnancy and postpartum (doctor or midwife referral required).

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