Help put the pandemic behind us. Encourage others contribute to COVID-19 immunity in our communities.

Social media filters:

 Selfie of a Caucasian adult male with a filter showing a circle around his face celebrating community immunity  Selfie with a Community Immunity caption box over older Caucasian woman with white hair
Instagram | Facebook  Instagram | Facebook
 Selfie of young Punjabi woman using a community immunity filter in Punjabi  Selfie featuring Arabic adult male using a community immunity filter in Arabic
Punjabi - Instagram | Facebook Arabic - Instagram | Facebook

Use one of our COVID-19 social media filters by following these easy steps:

  1. Go to @fraserhealth on Instagram or Facebook and find the smiley face filter icon. Or click one of the links below on your mobile device. Your camera will open on your Facebook or Instagram app.
  2. Position your camera onto your face for a selfie, or flip your camera to position it on your subject’s face. The effect should appear on you or your subject.
  3. Use the capture button to take an image or record a video.
  4. Post your photo or video onto your story or send them directly to your friends and family. You can also save them onto your phone and share on other platforms.
  5. Remember to tag @FraserHealth when you post and use the hashtag #BCimmUNITY

Additional languages are coming soon; check back often.