Fraser Health has developed a COVID-19 immunization process for youth aged five to 18 in order to ensure young people can receive their vaccines in a way that works best for them.

There are two options for youth ages five to 18 to receive their COVID-19 vaccine: 

  1. Attend one of our existing community clinics with transportation support and/or special in-clinic accommodations (see details below). 
  2. Request to receive the vaccine at home. 

To qualify for option two, they will need to meet the criteria as indicated in the Outreach Request Form.  

Attend one of our existing community clinics with transportation support and/or special in-clinic accommodations:

  1. First, determine if they will need transportation.
  2. Register and book an appointment
    • Call 1-833-838-2323 to register and book (someone can do this on behalf of the youth).
      • The person booking the appointment will need the youth’s first and last name, date of birth, postal code, Personal Health Number, an email address that gets checked regularly or a phone number that can receive text messages.
  3. Determine who can provide consent
    • Review the Mature Minor Consent Health File to determine if the youth can provide their own consent.
    • If the youth is not able to provide their own consent, their decision maker will need to be present with the youth or available to be contacted by phone at the time of the appointment. The decision maker’s contact information must be brought with the youth to the appointment.
  4. Make arrangements for in-clinic appointment needs
    • If there are specific needs to facilitate immunization in the community immunization centre location, email and our team will coordinate to meet those needs. Examples of accommodations that can be made include:
      • Arrange to attend a particular drive-through location with support pre-planned.
      • Arrange to attend a particular clinic and go to a quieter location within the clinic.
      • Arrange to meet at the entrance of the clinic and facilitate getting into a seat – due to mobility challenges with long walk/standing and waiting.
      • Help with addressing other challenges, such as needle phobia.

Requests to receive the vaccine at home: 

For youth living at home with a parent or guardian and who are not able to attend one of the Fraser Health immunization sites, a home visit can be requested.

  • To request a home visit, please call the Home Health service line at 1-855-412-2121.
    When calling, please have the following information ready: youth’s first and last name, date of birth, Personal Health Number (Care Card number, or BC Services Card number), address, email address and a contact phone number. Please also provide any other information that may help the nurse in administering the vaccine, such as any diagnoses, allergies, phobias or fears (e.g. needles) and who will be present for additional support.

Note: In-home visits will only be provided for youth assessed as meeting criteria for an outreach visit and who are unable to attend a community immunization centre.

If you have any questions, please send an email to