What's new in Burnaby

Across our region, we are investing in community-based care by increasing health care resources in community settings. This means patients will receive the right level of care in the right places. This is about looking at the programs and services we provide and making decisions that are in the best interests of patients and residents, decisions that will help people avoid being in hospital, get them out of hospital more quickly and support them more fully in the community and in their homes. 

What we are talking about is a complex shift of resources but our goal is clear – to promote health, wellness and prevention in our communities. All of our decisions are based on what is best for the communities we serve and the people we care for. 

Here are some examples of how this is happening in Burnaby. 

Community Services in Burnaby

  • We have increased our Quick Response Professional (QRP) and community visits to vulnerable patients who are discharged home.  This QRP program provides coverage seven days a week. 
  • We are increasing mental health support by way of the Rapid Access Clinic, which provides timely access to a one-time consultation with a psychiatrist and nurse from your local Mental Health Centre, in order to provide your general practitioner or nurse practitioner with treatment recommendations. 

Burnaby Hospital Updates

  • In 2014/15 we invested $3.413 million in capital equipment at Burnaby Hospital, including ultrasounds and infusion pumps. 
  • Investments into our hospital in recent years include the expansion of the Emergency Supertrack, enhancements to the endoscopy suite, upgrades to medical device reprocessing and an additional operating room to bring the total to seven ORs. 
  • We recently enhanced our weekend coverage with patient care coordinators to facilitate discharges allowing patients to return to the comfort of their homes more quickly. We have also added a capacity nurse at the front end to assist with admission to hospital and with the discharge process home.
  • We have expanded our Medical Day Unit to meet the increasing demand for outpatient services.
  • The Sterile Processing Department (SPD) is responsible for the cleaning, decontamination, disinfection and sterilization of surgical instrumentation and medical devices. It is anticipated that by 2020, the Burnaby Hospital SPD will process instrumentation for over 16,500 surgeries and procedures per year.  As part of ongoing efforts to improve infection and prevention control practices at Burnaby Hospital, the Sterile Processing Department has undergone initial capital upgrades, including improvements to steam piping used for sterilization and upgrades to the HVAC (heating).
  • In spring 2017, we received concept plan approval for the redevelopment of key facilities as part of the hospital renewal project. In addition, we also received approval for a new emergency mental health and substance use zone within the emergency department, as well as consolidation of community health services.

Regional Updates

Across Fraser Health, we are investing in:

Home First

  • Home First is expanding in Burnaby with the addition of key team members to improve access to home support and other Home Health servicesHome First is a program for seniors in hospital who have been assessed at the residential care level who have the potential to go home instead. They are fast-tracked to return home with the home health supports they need as well as other community supports, medical and non-medical. Nearly 1,000 patients returned home and avoided residential care placement in the first three years of Home First (2012 to 2015).


  • This community program offers clients with a diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) home-based education to help them manage their disease and prevent flare-ups which could otherwise send them to the emergency room or result in hospitalization. A respiratory therapist works with the client and their doctor to develop a health improvement plan, and connects the client with community services such as lung rehabilitation, home supports, rehabilitation therapy and exercise programs. As of March 2016, 1,430 people are accessing the service across the region. The program is now expanding to Fraser Health residential facilities.

Mental Health and Substance Use 

  • Across the region, 226 new and redeveloped beds will become available for clients with mental health and substance use challenges in 2016/17.  Of these, 96 are residential care beds (a mix of licensed residential care and assisted living); 33 are Supported Independent Living subsidies; and 97 contracted beds will provide services and supports to individuals with substance use challenges.
  • The START Team (1-844-START11) provides an assessment and intervention program for 6-18 year olds experiencing a mental health crisis in Fraser Health.
  • A state-of-the-art Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Stabilization Unit (CAPSU) for children and adolescents with urgent mental health issues is set to open this spring at Surrey Memorial Hospital. CAPSU will serve young people from across the region, aged six to 17, who need a five- to seven-day stay in hospital for stabilization. CAPSU will be home to a Snoezelen™ Room, a multi-sensory environment used to help reduce agitation and anxiety and stimulate and encourage communication, the first of its kind for children and youth in a hospital psychiatric unit in Canada.  

Residential Care

  • We provide subsidized residential care for adults who can no longer live safely or independently at home due to complex health care needs. In 2016 we will add 403 new residential care beds and we will bring 228 of our existing residential care beds up to current care standards. Across the region, with new investments this year we have a total of 8,254 residential care beds available in Fraser Health, an increase of 7.9% since 2010.  New investments in residential care include an increase of 216 beds in Fraser North, which will benefit Burnaby residents who need this level of support.

Recent kudos for our health care providers

  • At this time, I would like to acknowledge the fine attention and care provided by your professional nurse, Anthony RN on Ward D-1 at Burnaby General Hospital. His bedside manner, exceptional communication and time management skills ensured my mother’s stay at the hospital was comfortable; Anthony dealt with her needs and requests in a thorough and prompt manner. He put forth the effort to explain her medical condition and scheduled upcoming tests; he answered her queries and worries; Anthony ensured she was an informed patient. My mother’s hospital stay surpassed all expectations due to Anthony’s high quality of service and attention. Please extend my family’s gratitude and appreciation to Anthony. (Via feedback@fraserhealth.ca)
  • Roxy, the triage nurse was super-efficient, pleasant and personable. Then we met with Dr. Yap who was incredibly pleasant and knowledgeable. When he gave us a different opinion than that of our family doc, he patiently shared his source of information and was great at explaining the "why." He was fantastic! Gave us great recommendations and options. It gave us more control over our health care versus just telling us what to do. While we were there we also witnessed a big, burly ambulance driver holding the hand of an elderly woman to calm her, and the fast-track receptionist quickly dealt with someone who got trapped in a washroom. Kudos to them all! (Via feedback@fraserhealth.ca)
  • My husband recently required the service of Burnaby Hospital Palliative Care. The staff on the unit are all exceptional ‑‑ compassionate, skilled, caring, treating my husband with such dignity and care. What could have been a very stressful time was made easier by the staff. One particular nurse stood out for us and made a bond with our family - we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Winnie. Thank you so much. You have a true gift! (Via feedback@fraserhealth.ca)
  • I would like to commend Rose, the nurse from the medical floor at Burnaby Hospital, for her exceptional talent in taking care of others. She works in IV. She is completely thorough in terms of preparation, making sure everything is clean, she is quick to tend to patients (and she has a lot of patients at one time) and her compassion for her patients is outstanding. She is diligent and she always makes sure everyone around her is as comfortable as can be. She is very skilled and knows every answer to all of my questions and she should be recognized for her amazing and hard work. I have been in and out of different hospitals for a long time now and dealt with many different nurses and none compare to Rose. (Via feedback@fraserhealth.ca)
  • Want to compliment Burnaby Hospital on the wonderful staff who attended the birth of my grandson. It was the calmest, kindest, amazing birth...and they allowed my other grandson (three-and-a-half years old) to be asleep in the room, along with myself, the mother and father, and my sister (a realtor, who had just sold the couple’s house and needed signatures from ALL in the room at the time of birth). The best part is that they asked us all to assist them in the delivery (my sister and I held the mother’s head up to her chest; the father held the mother’s leg; while my other grandson (brother of the newborn) was asleep with headphones on in the corner... what a family joyous participatory occasion. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Excellent midwife/nurse, with great suggestions; doctor who worked perfectly with midwife...amazing teamwork. Can't say enough. (Via feedback@fraserhealth.ca)

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