What's new in Coquitlam

Across our region, we are investing in community-based care by increasing health care resources in community settings. This means patients will receive the right level of care in the right places. This is about looking at the programs and services we provide and making decisions that are in the best interests of patients and residents, decisions that will help people avoid being in hospital, get them out of hospital more quickly and support them more fully in the community and in their homes.

What we are talking about is a complex shift of resources but our goal is clear – to promote health, wellness and prevention in our communities. All of our decisions are based on what is best for the communities we serve and the people we care for.

Here are some examples of how this is happening in the Tri-Cities communities of Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Port Moody:

Community Services in Coquitlam


  • In partnership with community physicians through the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice, the Frail Elderly Nurse Practitioner Program involves nurse practitioners – working collaboratively with physicians – providing routine and urgent care for frail elderly, homebound patients in their own homes in New Westminster and the Tri-Cities. An additional nurse practitioner will soon be added to the program.
  • The Sunshiners Network provides vulnerable and homebound seniors with access to a myriad of health and community supports through a single point of connection at their doctor’s office so they can continue living at home. Thanks to this prototype’s success in the Tri-Cities community, the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice and its partners are exploring ways to continue and sustain the service on an ongoing basis.   

Healthier Community Partnership

  • This partnership is bringing awareness and promote health education and literacy in New Westminster and the Tri-Cities communities through community activities like the Hyacks in Motion 3 km run/walk and health fair, healthy community forums and efforts to welcome Syrian refugee immigrants and connect them with health services.

Residential Care

  • In the Tri-Cities, new investments in residential care include 136 beds at Nicola Lodge and 80 beds at Foyer Maillard. We will open 26 residential care beds for mental health clients at Nicola Lodge in April 2016. These beds are in addition to the 136 residential care beds for seniors that will open in the same facility.

Eagle Ridge Hospital Updates

  • In 2014/15 we invested $1.568 million in capital equipment for Eagle Ridge Hospital, including ultrasound equipment and infusion pumps.
  • We are providing enhanced weekend coverage with patient care coordinators to maximize patient discharges from the hospital into the community so they can get home sooner.
  • In spring 2017, we received business plan approval for the expansion of the emergency department. The emergency department expansion will more than double the number of treatment spaces to 39 from 19 and will include four new isolation rooms to support improved infection-control measures as well as two new trauma resuscitation bays.

Regional Updates

Across Fraser Health, we are investing in:

Home Health

  • This program provides clients who need help to manage their health and to live safely in their homes with case management services, nursing support, older adult day programs, respite service for caregivers, and more. We have added staff to improve access to home support – bathing and medication management, for example – and other home health services – wound care and short term-physiotherapy – by clients who are either recovering at home following a hospital stay or seniors who need help to remain independent at home.

Home First

  • Home First is expanding in Abbotsford with the addition of key team members to improve access to home support and other Home Health services. Home First is a program for seniors in hospital who have been assessed at the residential care level who have the potential to go home instead. They are fast-tracked to return home with the home health supports they need as well as other community supports, medical and non-medical. Nearly 1,000 patients returned home and avoided residential care placement in the first three years of Home First (2012 to 2015).


  • This community program offers clients with a diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) home-based education to help them manage their disease and prevent flare-ups which could otherwise send them to the emergency room or result in hospitalization. A respiratory therapist works with the client and their doctor to develop a health improvement plan, and connects the client with community services such as lung rehabilitation, home supports, rehabilitation therapy and exercise programs. As of March 2016, 1,430 people are accessing the service across the region. The program is now expanding to Fraser Health residential facilities.

Mental Health and Substance Use

  • Across the region, 226 new and redeveloped beds will become available for clients with mental health and substance use challenges in 2016/17. Of these, 96 are residential care beds (a mix of licensed residential care and assisted living); 33 are Supported Independent Living subsidies; and 97 contracted beds will provide services and supports to individuals with substance use challenges.
  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams provide support for hard-to-reach adults with serious and persistent mental illness who have not connected with, or responded well to traditional mental health care. The ACT teams are comprised of various mental health and substance use who deliver 75 per cent of services in settings such as a person’s home, shelters, drop-in centres, or parks. Currently, we have four ACT teams supporting almost 300 clients across six communities across our region. A total of 75 clients are served in New Westminster/Tri-Cities.
  • We have introduced a new Integrated Transition of Care team between Royal Columbian Hospital Psychiatry Program and Tri-Cities and New Westminster Mental Health Centres to provide enhanced support, 7 days a week, for individuals who have been discharged from hospital into the care of their community mental health and substance use centre.
  • The Rapid Access Clinic provides timely access to a one-time consultation with a Psychiatrist and nurse from your local Mental Health Centre, in order to provide your General Practitioner (GP) or Nurse Practitioner (NP) with treatment recommendations.
  • The START Team (1-844-START11) provides an assessment and intervention program for 6-18 year olds experiencing a mental health crisis in Fraser Health.
  • A state-of-the-art Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Stabilization Unit (CAPSU) for children and adolescents with urgent mental health issues is set to open this spring at Surrey Memorial Hospital. CAPSU will serve young people from across the region, aged six to 17, who need a five- to seven-day stay in hospital for stabilization. CAPSU will be home to a Snoezelen™ Room, a multi-sensory environment used to help reduce agitation and anxiety and stimulate and encourage communication, the first of its kind for children and youth in a hospital psychiatric unit in Canada.  

Residential Care

  • We provide subsidized residential care for adults who can no longer live safely or independently at home due to complex health care needs. In 2016 we will add 403 new residential care beds and we will bring 228 of our existing residential care beds up to current care standards. Across the region, with new investments this year we have a total of 8,254 residential care beds available in Fraser Health, an increase of 7.9% since 2010. 

Outpatient rehabilitation

  • We are improving outpatient rehabilitation access by developing patient-centered tools and clinical processes that provide coordinated access to services and improve patient outcomes.

Recent kudos for our health care providers

  • Recently, I spent five days in Eagle Ridge Hospital. I was very ill when I admitted myself by ambulance and almost recovered when I went home with everything arranged for me — from the doctors to the nurses, home care and dietician. What a wonderful hospital and excellent treatment by our health care professionals. How hard they work for us. Thank you so much. (Via Tri-City News)
  • I am writing to express my appreciation for the care I received recently at Eagle Ridge Hospital.  Every staff member, without fail, introduced themselves by their name and role.  Every staff member was polite, warm, competent and efficient. (Via feedback@fraserhealth.ca)
  • The last time I was in the Eagle Ridge Hospital emergency department was 15 years ago with an appendix attack. I have always remembered how grateful and amazed I was at the service level I received. Last night I returned to your emergency ward with severe abdominal pain. I did not make this choice lightly as there is too much negative shock media out there about the state of our hospital system. Again to my grateful surprise, the staff, doctors and nurses on call when I arrived about 6 a.m. were so effective. I had a blood test/drip/CT scan and surprise, a kidney stone. Although listening to the discussions with doctor and a four-year student, they already knew what it was. I was home by 11 a.m., no longer in much pain. (Via feedback@fraserhealth.ca)
  • I would like to compliment the doctors and all the staff members on the excellent care they provided to our mother. She was not an easy patient to deal with. Any requests we made of the staff looking after her were responded to immediately in a very courteous and professional manner. We are certainly saddened by our loss but our mother was approaching 95 years of age and lived a good life. It made it so much easier for my sister and me knowing how well she was cared for during her final days. Thanks everyone. (Via feedback@fraserhealth.ca)
  • The nurses in the recovery room were outstanding, and the staff on West 2A, were wonderful as well. They are caring professional people and I felt very much looked after and cared for. We were impressed with the 'one-to-one service'. So glad ERH was there for us when we needed a hospital. A big THANK YOU to them all. (Via feedback@fraserhealth.ca)

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