What's new in Pitt Meadows

Across our region, we are investing in community-based care by increasing health care resources in community settings. This means patients will receive the right level of care in the right places. This is about looking at the programs and services we provide and making decisions that are in the best interests of patients and residents, decisions that will help people avoid being in hospital, get them out of hospital more quickly and support them more fully in the community and in their homes.

What we are talking about is a complex shift of resources but our goal is clear – to promote health, wellness and prevention in our communities. All of our decisions are based on what is best for the communities we serve and the people we care for.

Here are some examples of how this is happening in Pitt Meadows.

Community Services in Pitt Meadows

Mental Health and Substance Use

  • In March 2016, we opened an enhanced mental health residence in Maple Ridge to support individuals in optimizing their rehabilitation and recovery. Beckman House already provided 21 licensed care beds, and we expanded it to include an additional 20 units in a separate purposed built mental health assisted living residence on the same property.
  • In the summer of 2014, we also opened four new bridging units across the street, adding to the four already there, to create a virtual mental health residential campus. These bridging units support individuals in developing greater independence as they transition from residential care to community living.
  • In June 2015, we expanded Riverstone Home and Mobile Detox service’s catchment area from Fraser East to include Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.
  • We support a wide range of community rehabilitation services, including occupational therapy, recreation therapy, and peer support and wellness.


  • In the Spring of 2016, we expanded the Community Actions and Resources Empowering Seniors (CARES) initiative from its 2014 pilot in White Rock-South Surrey and Langley to include the Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice. This initiative partners pre-frail seniors with community GPs and volunteer community-trained wellness coaches to promote health behaviours that improve quality of life, delay frailty, and reduce Emergency visits and hospital admissions. CARES also provides GPs with an electronic tool to assess frailty before and after behaviour changes and foster team-based practice by supporting nurses to help complete frailty assessments.

IV Therapy and Rapid Access Clinic

  • We established an outpatient IV therapy clinic to support clients remaining in community. In February 2016, we expanded our outpatient IV service to be available extended hours and seven days a week. As a result, we have increased the utilization of this service by 40 per cent.
  • In the Spring of 2016, we implemented a rapid access clinic which shifted patients from receiving assessments in the ER to an outpatient setting.

Find A doctor

  • Are you or someone you know looking for a family doctor? The Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice recently launched a webpage to help local residents find doctors accepting new patients. Patients who live in Pitt Meadows can visit www.findadoctorpittmeadows.ca. Patients who live in Maple Ridge and are looking for a doctor can visit www.findadoctormapleridge.ca

Ridge Meadows Health Services Update

  • In 2014/15 we invested $2.936 million in capital equipment for Ridge Meadows Hospital, including ultrasound equipment, infusion pumps, and anesthesia systems.
  • We have added seven days/week geriatric nurses as well as increased our Quick Response Professionals to our emergency team to help ensure frail seniors are cared for appropriately. These professionals can help vulnerable patients transition successfully from acute care and provide community visits to patients after they are discharged home. This helps ensure that appropriate supports are in place and avoids the need for acute care admission when it is not in the best interest of the patient.
  • McKenney Creek Hospice and Baillie House celebrated their 10 year anniversary in October 2016.

Regional Updates

Across Fraser Health, we are investing in:

Home Health

  • This program provides clients who need help to manage their health and to live safely in their homes with case management services, nursing support, older adult day programs, respite service for caregivers, and more. We have added staff to improve access to home support – bathing and medication management, for example – and other home health services – wound care and short term-physiotherapy – by clients who are either recovering at home following a hospital stay or seniors who need help to remain independent at home.


  • This community program offers clients with a diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) home-based education to help them manage their disease and prevent flare-ups which could otherwise send them to the emergency room or result in hospitalization. A respiratory therapist works with the client and their doctor to develop a health improvement plan, and connects the client with community services such as lung rehabilitation, home supports, rehabilitation therapy and exercise programs. As of March 2016, 1,430 people are accessing the service across the region. The program is now expanding to Fraser Health residential facilities.

Residential Care

  • We provide subsidized residential care for adults who can no longer live safely or independently at home due to complex health care needs. In 2016 we will add 403 new residential care beds and we will bring 228 of our existing residential care beds up to current care standards. Across the region, with new investments this year we have a total of 8,254 residential care beds available in Fraser Health, an increase of 7.9% since 2010.
  • In the spring/summer of 2016, we are opening another 216 residential care beds in Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam. Within our owned and operated residential care (Baillie House), we have added support from a nurse practitioner to help ensure residents receive timely assessment and to prevent admissions to acute care. There has also been the addition of a residential care on-call physician group to improve access to primary care for residents.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

  • We are developing patient-centred clinical tools and processes that improve access and coordination of services to enhance outcomes.

Mental Health and Substance Use

  • A state-of-the-art Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Stabilization Unit (CAPSU) for children and adolescents with urgent mental health issues is set to open this spring at Surrey Memorial Hospital. CAPSU will serve young people from across the region, aged six to 17, who need a five- to seven-day stay in hospital for stabilization. CAPSU will be home to a Snoezelen™ Room, a multi-sensory environment used to help reduce agitation and anxiety and stimulate and encourage communication, the first of its kind for children and youth in a hospital psychiatric unit in Canada.  

Recent kudos for our health care providers

  • Today I was a volunteer driver taking an elderly lady to an 'appointment' at the Ridge Meadows Hospital lab. There was some confusion as the lab does not take appointments and there was no paperwork. I went to the basement where I knew this lady had received an IV transfusion the week before. I spoke to Wanda at reception who was very helpful. She contacted the section where the IV had been administered and they forwarded the paperwork for the follow up test to the lab. Problem solved. Wanda saved me a ton of hassle as I only had minimal information about the lady. I would like someone to forward my comments to Wanda so she will know that her efforts are appreciated. (Via feedback@fraserhealth.ca)
  • I would like to thank a friend, my wife, firemen and ambulance people for getting me to the Emergency ward. For the speed I was put through, I must have been sick. The chain of events to get me better just plainly humbled me. The amount of different groups just surprises me. There are 4 that stand out. Two nurses that were working elsewhere came over to check if I was ok. A very special nurse that was working so hard because her helpers did not show up, and the fourth nurse that phoned me up to tell me I left a puffer there. At that point I was too weak to get it, so after her shift she delivered it to me. Thank you everyone. (Via feedback@fraserhealth.ca)
  • I was recently in Ridge Meadows Hospital for six days – first in Emergency with heart attack-like symptoms. Within two hours, I’d had four tests and was found to have low potassium, instead. Later, follow up tests showed I was okay. The staff was wonderful, efficient, professional, and kind. We are all so lucky to have wonderful hospitals and a superior medical system. (Via the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows Times)
  • I would like to tell you how great the team was that took care of me last week, during a liver biopsy procedure at Ridge Meadows Hospital. Ingrid is fantastic. She explained everything to me, she consoled me when I got nervous, kept me calm with encouraging words, was quick with a Kleenex and she checked in on me regularly to make sure I was ok (and to check my vitals, of course). She is fantastic at her job and a great person. I also want to say that Rita and Dr. Martin were very informative and professional and had a calming, relaxed bedside manner. We all had fun conversation that helped lessen my nerves and kept me relaxed. They all explained everything throughout the process and kept me informed. I really appreciated the great treatment. (Via feedback@fraserhealth.ca)

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