The new Surrey hospital and BC Cancer Centre

The new Surrey hospital and BC Cancer Centre

The new Surrey hospital and BC Cancer Centre represents the next generation of hospital care in the Fraser Health region.

We are building a new hospital and BC Cancer Centre in Surrey to provide care closer to home for hundreds of thousands of people living and working in British Columbia’s fastest-growing community and region.

The first of its kind in B.C., the new Surrey hospital and BC Cancer Centre will integrate digital and virtual care technologies to enable and support patient care inside – and outside – the physical hospital building, supporting thousands of patients every year. With a focus on planetary health, it will be the first fully electric hospital in the province, and one of the first in Canada. 

Building on Fraser Health Virtual Health services, there will be innovative, real-time digital technologies and tools embedded into our patients’ care journeys from pre-admission to discharge. This will help improve the care experience for our patients, staff and medical staff while also supporting patients to receive more care from the comfort of their own home. 


The new Surrey hospital and BC Cancer Centre


The new Surrey hospital and BC Cancer Centre will address the most pressing health care needs of our community now, with a special focus on general medicine and short-stay surgeries—the areas of greatest projected service demand. Additionally, we will continue to plan and build for the medium and long-term to meet future needs. It will provide more capacity in areas such as emergency, surgery, inpatient and ambulatory care, medical imaging, laboratory, pharmacy and cancer care services, to serve a region that is growing and aging.

The new hospital will include:

  • Inpatient and outpatient care
  • Surgical services
  • 24/7 Emergency Department
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Virtual care
  • Pharmacy services
  • Cancer care centre
  • Clinical and other support
  • Child daycare centre


aerial rendering


  • An Emergency Department with 55 treatment spaces
  • A surgical/perioperative suite with five operating rooms and four procedure rooms
  • Virtual health care services
  • Advanced diagnostic services
  • A new BC Cancer Centre 
  • Designed to meet or exceed LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) Gold standards

The new Surrey hospital and BC Cancer Centre floor stacking layout
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New Surrey hospital and BC Cancer Centre
New Surrey hospital and BC Cancer Centre
New Surrey hospital and BC Cancer Centre


“As a fully digitally-equipped community hospital, this facility will usher in a new era for acute care in our region, enabling us to increase our regional capacity in areas such as emergency, surgical, inpatient, ambulatory care, diagnostics and cancer care services, while better supporting patient-centred care, closer to home.”
Dr. Victoria Lee, president and chief executive officer



Fraser Health’s major capital projects at Royal Columbian Hospital, Burnaby Hospital and the new Surrey hospital and BC Cancer Centre are being built with planetary health in mind.
People in Surrey are a significant step closer to better access to health care as the Province is breaking ground on a new second hospital in Surrey and new cancer centre.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why does Surrey need a new hospital and cancer centre? 

    Surrey is a large geographic region, and is the second-largest city in B.C. by population. By 2041, Surrey is projected to surpass Vancouver as the most populated city in B.C.

    Surrey Memorial Hospital, Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre (JPOCSC), and BC Cancer Centre – Surrey deliver first-class health care in this region, but there is significant pressure on their resources to keep up with demand – especially in the areas of general medicine, medical imaging and low/mid-acuity surgery. We realize that with a rapidly growing community, it is important that we increase access to health services to support people in Surrey and neighbouring municipalities now and in the future. 

    The new Surrey hospital and BC Cancer Centre will help meet the health care needs of Surrey’s population by adding hospital services in the Cloverdale, Newton and South Surrey area and bolstering our services in our regional hospital network.   

  • What does virtual health/virtual care mean in the context of the new hospital?

    Virtual care is much more than video/phone conferencing with care providers and digital record keeping. It is technology-enabled health care inside and outside the hospital and cancer centre, including smart rooms with real-time monitoring and alerts, smart operating rooms with features such as continuous disinfecting lighting, automated guided vehicles to bring more automation and efficiencies. It also includes smart wearables, like wearable ECG monitors, blood pressure monitors and biosensors, so patients can receive remote monitoring from the comfort of their home before they are discharged virtually from the hospital. 

    Virtual care will allow the new Surrey hospital and BC Cancer Centre to care for more people. Many patients will experience shorter required hospital stays and enjoy care from the comfort of their home, thanks to new digital technologies. As a result, the hospital will be able to serve more patients than other facilities with a comparable number of inpatient beds and treatment spaces. 
    Some of the benefits of virtual care to patients will include:

    • Increased access to care: Virtual care provides patients with access to health services before (or even without) having to travel to the hospital, making it easier for patients to receive care when they need it.
    • Improved patient engagement: Virtual care provides patients with tools and resources, such as an online portal with secure messaging, provider notes and self-scheduling, that will enable them to be more engaged in their health care, contributing to better health outcomes and greater patient satisfaction. 
    • Enhanced monitoring and management: Patients access virtual care with remote monitoring and management tools, allowing for earlier detection and intervention of health issues and ultimately helping lead to better health outcomes.
    • Improved communication with health care providers: Virtual care provides patients with easy and convenient ways to communicate with their care providers, enabling better care coordination, medication management and treatment adherence.


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