Buchanan Lodge is a two-level long-term care community with four separate resident areas and a special care unit.

409 Blair Avenue
B.C.V3L 4A4
Phone: 604-522-7033
Fax: 604-522-3689

The Salvation Army Buchanan Lodge is a non-profit faith-based home where care and support are provided in a warm and loving community.

We follow a resident-centered approach to meet the complex care needs of the people we serve. We provide holistic care, with spiritual care being the “heart and soul” of our mission.

God is central to our mission in providing care and service. Embracing people of all life backgrounds and faiths, Buchanan Lodge is a home where people feel safe and receive compassionate and responsive care.

There are 112 publicly subsidized long-term care beds at the residence. 108 are single occupancy rooms and two are double occupancy rooms.


Room features At the entrance to each resident’s room is a personal memory box, a lockable, illuminated Plexiglas cabinet used to display photos and mementos. Each room is furnished with an electric bed with a specialized mattress and linen, a night stand, a wardrobe, a three-drawer dresser, a sitting chair and a framed bulletin board.

Additional furniture may be brought in to supplement existing furniture. If a resident has a favorite recliner then we will replace the existing easy chair with the recliner. Residents are encouraged to bring in their own pictures, memorabilia and other favourite items, such as an afghan, bedside chair, television, computer to help them feel more at home.
Accessibility Buchanan Lodge offers a barrier-free environment with wheelchair accessibility to all resident areas within the facility as well as on the bus used for recreational outings. We do not have the capacity for motorized wheelchairs or scooters. 
Security Security features include controlled access through double doors at the main entrance, electronic key access for all other points of entry, surveillance cameras in common areas and restricted elevator access. “RoamAlert” security system is available to all residents at risk of elopement.
Smoking This is a non-smoking care community.
Parking and transportation There is free street parking available with a two hour limit and close access to bus and Skytrain.
Additional site features Situated on the south slope of the Sapperton hillside, every room has a window view of green space, garden or mountains. Each of the four houses have an enclosed courtyard with beautiful gardens. We also have a large multipurpose room for chapel services and recreational activities.


Social and recreation programs  Our recreation team provides a wide variety of activities and leisure opportunities for residents to take part in. These programs help restore, maintain and/or improve residents’ physical, emotional, social and psychological well-being.

Many of the programs take place in the various houses. Recreation bus outings include local restaurants, shopping malls, musical concerts and scenic drives. Larger functions and unique programs are held in the multipurpose room on the main floor adjacent to the main lobby.
Spiritual program Spiritual Health Practitioners are available as part of the care offered to residents, families and staff, assisting with emotional and spiritual needs. They provide information and expertise related to end-of-life. They also facilitate religious rites and ceremonies no matter which faith the residents practice.
Pets Buchanan has a resident cockatoo and an aquarium, as well a number of visiting dogs and other pets brought in by staff, volunteers and families.

Additional services (additional fees may apply)

Hairdressing  Hair salon or barber by appointment with associated fee. Open Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Services include haircuts, shampoos/sets, perms and colouring.
Foot and nail care Podiatry services are available for a fee. Residents or their representatives must sign a consent form for service.
Additional services A registered dietitian assesses each resident and determines their individual nutritional needs.

A physiotherapist provides mobility assessment and works in conjunction with the rehabilitation assistant in offering various mobility and strengthening programs.

A mobile dentistry service provides onsite annual oral screening and professional dental services as required. A signed consent form is required for service.

An optometrist service is onsite every three months to provide eye tests and referral to a specialist as required. A signed consent form is required for service.
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