Level one maternal care services provided to admitted expectant mothers managing low risk birth; includes labour, obstetrics, delivery and maternal care.

Hospital tours

View the Langley Memorial Hospital maternity tour online.

Checklists and resources to prepare for your hospital stay


At about 14 weeks, register online with our Best Beginnings public health program.


  • Call the Maternity Unit at 604-514-6034 to talk to a nurse before coming to the hospital. Together you will decide the right time to arrive.
  • Go to Admitting in the lobby. During after-hours and weekends, go to Emergency Admission.
  • Proceed to our unit on the 3rd floor where you will be assessed. A nurse will listen to your baby, check your vital signs, and may do a vaginal exam.
  • Based on your assessment, your care will be planned with your doctor or midwife. This may include you going home for a little longer before being admitted.


  • You will have your baby in a private labour and delivery room. You will remain in this room for your entire stay.     
    •  Rooms: all private for labour, delivery and post partum. They all include a tub and shower.
    •  There is a semi-private private room available for antepartum admissions.


  • Matching ID bracelets are given to both mom and baby at the time of delivery. Some hospitals have a bracelet security system that will alarm if babies leave the maternity unit.
  • Never leave your baby unattended. Accompany your baby for any procedures or tests required outside of your room (such as x-rays).
  • It is okay to ask for hospital ID from any health care personnel caring for your baby.
  • It is okay to ask health care staff and visitors to clean their hands.

Length of stay

Your hospital stay depends on your health and your baby’s health.

  • Vaginal birth: 24-48 hours
  • C-section birth: 48-72 hours

Going home

  • Know how to use your car seat before coming to the hospital. Your partner or family should bring the infant car seat to the unit when you are ready for discharge. Find car seat safety tips.
  • Visit your doctor or midwife within 7 days after you return home.
  • A public health nurse will follow-up with a call within 24-48 hours after discharge. Write down your questions or concerns so you can remember to ask them when they call.  Learn more about the first days at home.
22051 Fraser Highway
B.C. V4H 4H4
Phone: 604-514-6034
Fax: 604-534-8283

Address Notes

Located on 3 North

Hours of operation

Open visiting hours

  • Partners are encouraged to stay anytime. Bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, towels and meals.
  • It is important that mom and baby get enough rest to recover.
  • Designate a friend or family member to keep others informed of your progress. This will help reduce the number of calls to the nurses' station.
  • Visitors should not come if they have flu-like symptoms, colds or other communicable diseases (ie. chicken pox). 

Language (s) Offered

English, with translation services available.

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