Update: E-learning courses for Eagle Ridge Hospital now open

E-learns: Here's what you need to know

Access your e-learns by logging into LearningHub with your Fraser Health email address. Under ‘My Courses’ click on ‘All Enrollments’. You will see an Advance curriculum which contains all the mandatory education, including your e-learns. Don’t see it or think you have the wrong e-learns? Email FHAdvanceTraining@fraserhealth.ca.

Welcome to the Advance Program

The Advance Program is an exciting clinical transformation that is taking place across Fraser Health. We are leveraging technology and innovation to continuously improve the quality, consistency, and safety of the patient care that we provide across the region. Advance is a significant step in our effort to digitize care.

Join us on the journey to innovate the future of care across Fraser Health.

Dr Hassanali
This is an exciting time to be a provider in Fraser Health. It’s a great opportunity to be part of such a significant transformational program that is essential to the future success and sustainability of the organization.
Dr. Amyeen Hassanali, Chief Medical Information Officer
My vision for Advance is that it will play a critical role in moving Fraser Health into the digital era, and that soon our staff and medical staff will say they wouldn’t want to go back to the old paper way of working.
Laurie Leith, Vice President, Regional Hospitals and Health Services
Laurie Leit


Implementation at 13 acute care campuses

Implementation at 13 acute care campuses

Enhancing clinical standards for 30,000+ Fraser Health staff and medical staff

Supporting enhanced standardized clinical processes for 30,000+ direct care staff

Helping 1.9 million people in our community

Helping 1.9 million people in our community