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Together with MEDITECH® Expanse, the following technology-enabled projects will make a fully digital health record possible and support this clinical transformation across Fraser Health. Learn more about each of these companion projects.

Fluency Direct

How do FESR and MEDITECH® Expanse work together?
Provider documentation is supported by Fluency Direct in MEDITECH® Expanse. Providers can choose to document by typing or by using Fluency Direct. Once a site implements MEDITECH® Expanse, telephone dictation will no longer be an option.

Do I have to attend FESR training before Advance Go-Live?
All medical staff should be trained in Fluency Flex (FESR), currently integrated into MEDITECH® Client-Server. Prior training provides an advantage in minimizing the learning stress before Go-Live. Those using Fluency Flex will only require a 10-minute e-Learning module. Non-Fluency Flex users will benefit from a one-hour Fluency Direct in MEDITECH® Expanse classroom training.

The benefits of learning Fluency Flex now include:

· Readiness for MEDITECH® Expanse Go-Live: Learning and using Fluency Flex prepares you for electronic documentation, helping to improve your voice recognition and building your personal dictionary.
· Decreased Documentation Time: Getting trained early means you have time to optimize your Fluency Flex productivity tools that will carry over to MEDITECH® Expanse, reducing your time on documentation.
· Education Specialists are available for training and refresher sessions Monday - Friday during regular business hours.
· Earn CME Credits
· Access to free Fluency Direct software for personal EMRFluency Direct is a Front-End-Speech-Recognition (FESR) dictation software for providers and is an important tool for electronic documentation. Fluency Direct is integrated with MEDITECH® Expanse and enables medical staff to dictate directly the EMR. 

When a site transitions to MEDITECH® Expanse, telephone dictation will no longer be available and medical staff will either document using Fluency Direct or type.

Benefits of using Fluency Direct:

  • Improved timeliness of care with reports distributed to care providers immediately after signing.
  • Specialty specific dictionaries.
  • Personal voice profile that follows the user.
  • Customization of commands (macros).
  • Voice enabling quick texts.
  • Improved usability of the electronic health record through automation.
  • Access to Fluency Direct for use in private practice Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Fluency Direct in MEDITECH® Expanse registration is open to all medical staff supporting Eagle Ridge Hospital (excluded: Medical Imaging, Lab & Pathology and Community Mental Health (documenting only in PARIS). 

Proficient in Fluency Flex?
Register for eLearning on LearningHub: Fluency Direct (Front End Speech Recognition) in MEDITECH® Expanse.
Not using Fluency Flex now?
Register for classroom training on LearningHub: Classroom: Fluency Direct (Front End Speech Recognition) in MEDITECH® Expanse.

Prepare for your site going live by learning Fluency Flex today and make the transition to MEDITECH® Expanse a little easier! Medical staff are encouraged to get trained in Fluency Flex. This will ensure there is time to get comfortable with the new way of documenting before MEDITECH® Expanse Go-Live, as well as time to build up voice profile, personal dictionaries, and voice commands.

Book Fluency Flex training by contacting transcription services:
Call: 604-806-9696
Email: TranscriptonAlerts2@vch.ca

Automated dispensing cabinets

Automated dispensing cabinets (ADCs) are a computerized drug storage cabinet that allow medication to be stored and dispensed near the point of care while controlling and tracking drug distribution. They are designed to replace non-automated ward stock storage.

ADCs provide clinicians with access to medications needed in patient care areas. This decreases the delivery turnaround time from the pharmacy to the units. Due to the seamless integration with Advance, profiled ADCs allow the pharmacist to review and approve medications before they are available for selection and administration.


  • Reduces wait time for medications.
  • Eliminates the need for end-of-shift narcotic counts.
  • Increases medication security and diversion prevention.
  • Dispensing alerts provide additional safety steps.

ADCs for direct care nursing staff are at the majority of Fraser Health hospitals, and will be deployed at the following hospitals in the future:

  • Burnaby Hospital
  • Delta Hospital
  • Langley Memorial Hospital
  • Peace Arch Hospital

Medication reconciliation with PharmaNet

PharmaNet is a provincewide network that links health professionals to a central data system. A patient’s PharmaNet profile includes demographic information, medication history and claims information.

PharmaNet is administered by the Ministry of Health, helping to protect patients from drug interactions and dosage errors, and preventing accidental duplication of prescriptions and prescription fraud. PharmaNet also allows pharmacists and prescribers to see if a cheaper PharmaCare benefit is available for their patients.

With PharmaNet, pharmacists and community health practitioners can access demographic information and medication history up to the past 14 months. Practitioners working in emergency departments can view medication histories and can update PharmaNet with information about adverse drug reactions, allergies, clinical conditions and any other drugs provided by the emergency department.

Roaming desktop

Roaming desktop allows users to transfer their profile from one desktop to another. This is achieved with Thin Client and Imprivata tap-and-go functionality. 

Thin Clients connect to virtual desktops and apps running in the data centre. They allow users to sign on quickly using their Fraser Health Photo ID and PIN, and to move quickly and securely between workstations while keeping work open.

With Imprivata tap-and-go, Fraser Health employees can use their Photo ID badge to log into a session on Thin Client by tapping their card on the reader. To disconnect from a session, users simply tap the reader again. This will keep work open and secure while allowing others to also use the Thin Client.


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