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  • Why are we implementing Advance?
    • Modernizing Fraser Health's clinical information systems and aging technological infrastructure is necessary over the long-term to ensure our system doesn’t become obsolete.  
    • Advance presents an opportunity for Fraser Health to gather more complete patient data and to standardize and improve care. We have reached our capacity in this regard with pen and paper. 
    • Advance will improve the patient and provider experience and ensure that we can continuously provide safer, higher quality care.
  • What is the Advance Program doing to leverage lessons learned from other organizations that have recently undergone a clinical information systems (CIS) implementation?

    We are fortunate to learn from others who have gone before us. The Advance program team has reached out directly and engaged in a site visit to other reference organizations to leverage their knowledge. Some of the organizations we have reached out to provincially, nationally and globally include:

    • Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health - CST Cerner
    • Markham Stouffville Hospital, Ontario, SHINE
    • Queensway Carleton, Ontario, CHAMP
    • Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, Ontario , MEDITECH Expanse
    • Alberta Health Services – ConnectCare. Provincial CIO and Assistant Deputy Minister + Delivery Team
    • Ireland – Health Services Executive – Clinical Informatics, National CIO and Informatics Team
    • Australia – New South Wales – State Informatics ADM and Team


Data and information

  • Will existing data from Client Server be migrated into the new MEDITECH® Expanse platform?
    Yes. The program has a migration strategy underway to determine what information will be migrated over to the MEDITECH® Expanse platform and what will remain in the existing Client Server. This strategy will consider the importance of critical data required for all providers and clinicians to provide quality patient care.
  • Will patient information be available across the system of care with other Health Authorities including Care Connect and other community or primary care platforms?
    The goal for Advance is to continue to utilize and optimize Unifying Clinical Information Network to pull information across disparate systems into a single view for providers and clinicians. We are looking to align and include it into the launch for Eagle Ridge Hospital and Royal Columbian Hospital.
  • Will access to patient information be seamless between the existing Client Server and the new MEDITECH® Expanse?
    Yes. Given that the program timeline spans a number of years before all sites are implemented, access to patient records within both applications will be available and critical to ensure quality patient care. Client Server will only be retired when all Fraser Health sites are successfully migrated to MEDITECH® Expanse.
  • What if a patient visits a Fraser Health site that hasn't yet implemented MEDITECH® Expanse and then returns to ERH? What happens to their records?
    The patient's record from non-Advance sites will be primarily contained within the current MEDITECH® Client/Server system. There will be a link within MEDITECH® Expanse to take you directly to the patient's record in Client/Server.



  • How will FESR be applied to MEDITECH® Expanse? Do I have to attend FESR training before Advance Go-Live?
    MEDITECH® Expanse uses Fluency Direct software for providers to dictate into documentation templates. The user experience is similar to the Fluency Flex software used in FESR. Fluency training is helpful for providers to learn how speech recognition works and to become comfortable using the microphones in MEDITECH® Expanse. After Advance Go-Live, providers will have other options for documentation including typing, canned text, quick text, selecting responses, formatted data, etc. Documentation using Fluency Direct will be part of MEDITECH® Expanse training.


Productivity and support

  • What does “at the elbow support" for Go-Live mean?
    It means that there will be people in a variety of roles (e.g., Super Users, Program staff, Support Centre) who will be onsite at Go-Live to help troubleshoot errors and guide users on how to do their workflows.
Read more FAQs on the Advance portal.
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