What's changing

The Advance Program will build on the strong foundation of our current clinical information system, but with modernized features, improved mobility and access, improved integration, and regional standardization. 

Here is a glimpse of what will change for our staff, medical staff and patients,
with Advance:

What’s changing for Fraser Health?

The new infrastructure and technology will:

  • Enhance clinical standards and processes such as workflows, order sets, and the sharing of clinical information to improve patient safety, reduce adverse events, and optimize care.
  • Enhance the quality and completeness of clinical and provider documentation with better clinical decision support and integrated plans of care.
  • Improve system response rates and performance, reduce downtimes, and enable better resiliency through disaster recovery capabilities. 

What’s changing for providers?

  • Full electronic provider documentation, offering access to patient information anytime, anywhere. 
  • Electronic medication order entry and medication administration records.
  • Regional order sets to support best practices.
  • New functionality to support care coordination through patient transitions
    of care.

What’s changing for nurses and allied health clinicians?

  • Real-time electronic documentation and access to patient data at the bedside.
  • Closed-loop medication management enables patient and medication verification using barcode scanning.
  • Electronic medication and transfusion administration records increase access to documentation and provide embedded clinical decision support.
  • Handheld devices to support bedside care documentation (select units).

What’s changing for ancillary services (pharmacy, lab, medical imaging)?

  • Electronic documentation for pharmacists.
  • Lab point-of-care with label printers (select units).
  • Improved patient trackers for diagnostic imaging patients.

What’s changing for registration and scheduling?

  • Streamlined workflows for scheduling in both acute and ambulatory settings.
  • New bed management functionality streamlines access and flow.
  • Simplifies how beds are managed and provides real-time information on
    patient location.

What’s changing for patients and families?

  • Streamlined care that reduces the need to provide redundant information.
  • Improved coordination between multiple care providers and across multiple
    care settings.
  • Reduction in the risk of unnecessary duplicative tests.

What’s changing for health information management (HIM)?

  • The use of structured clinical terminology, using HIM, will enable standardized patient problem lists.
  • Electronic documentation will reduce scanning volumes, as well as paper
    chart storage.

What’s changing for Fraser Health informatics?

  • New capabilities will simplify system build and maintenance, and enable quicker response to the needs of users.
  • A new Data Repository will provide a near real-time copy of the MEDITECH® Expanse database to support reporting, research and analytics, and will enhance Fraser Health’s ability to perform continuous quality improvement.

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