Foundational Learning - RCH providers

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Foundational Learning - RCH providers

This page outlines steps for how to register for foundational learning, including e-learns and classroom training.

Foundational learning is required for everyone who will use MEDITECH Expanse. This is a critical step so that you have time to practice and become comfortable with complex workflows in your area before Go-Live.  

Need help registering? 

In person We will be on site in April and May to help with registration:

  • Royal Columbian Hospital Tower, main floor atrium
  • Tuesdays from 0900-1500 and Thursdays from 0900-1400.

Or contact the Advance Provider Engagement Team by email at:

What is the deadline?

Foundational learning should be complete by May 31, 2024. 

Where will classroom training be offered? 

  • Classroom training will be offered at Royal Columbian Hospital, Eagle Ridge Hospital and Central City in Surrey. 
  • Specific details of locations and rooms will be available in LearningHub when you register. 

Do you have a LearningHub account? 

You will need an account to register for training. If you don't have an account visit the LearningHub to set it up. 

Register now 

Training sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so register early to ensure you get your preferred date and time.

STEP 1 - Find your curriculum 

Your curriculum depends on your role. 

You will be prompted to answer a series of questions in this tool. After you answer the questions, the tool will identify which curriculum(s) you need to register for in LearningHub.

STEP 2 - Register on the LearningHub 

Once your curriculum(s) has been identified in the Advance Training Curriculum Tool, go directly to LearningHub from the link provided in the tool or log in to LearningHub at a later time. Find and register for the curriculum(s) applicable to your role, as identified in the Advance Curriculum Training Tool.

STEP 3 - Complete your e-learns before classroom training

You can complete your e-learns on the LearningHub. 

Provider training FAQs 

  • What is the difference between the Advance Program (Advance) and MEDITECH Expanse?
    The Advance Program is a series of multi-year projects across Fraser Health that are designed to improve the quality, consistency and safety of patient care across the region. At the heart of Advance is MEDITECH Expanse, a new clinical information system that is replacing Client Server. Advance also includes other companion projects that support a fully digital health record, such as Front-End Speech Recognition (Fluency), Automated Dispensing Cabinets, Roaming Desktop (Thin Client, Tap & Go), and Medication Reconciliation with PharmaNet. Together, these projects facilitate a critical but exciting clinical and digital transformation across Fraser Health.
  • Is training in MEDITECH Expanse mandatory?
    Yes. Everyone who will use MEDITECH Expanse requires training prior to using the system, including locums, residents and students. This was endorsed at HAMAC and by Medical Affairs. After Go-Live, providers who have not been trained in MEDITECH Expanse will not be permitted to see patients until training has been completed.
  • What does training involve? 

    Training for new provider learners who have not previously participated in Advance Program training for MEDITECH Expanse includes a combination of independent e-learning modules through LearningHub and instructor-led classroom sessions.
  • Will training time be compensated? 

    • Physicians who complete implementation training prior to Go-Live and up to 12 weeks post Go-Live, will be compensated for 8.5 hours at Doctors of BC sessional rates. Both e-learns and classroom training must be completed to receive compensation. The Advance Program will track all physicians who have completed training and the CMIO office will manage the invoicing. Physicians should receive payment within four to six weeks of completing training.
    • Residents and medical students are not eligible for compensation.
    • Midwives will be compensated for training at their standard non-clinical rate per HEABC.
    • Nurse Practitioners will be compensated as per FHA arrangements.
  • When do we need to register for training?
    Training registration opens on Wednesday, December 13, 2023 via LearningHub.

    Training sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so staff and medical staff are encouraged to register early to ensure they get their preferred date and time.
  • When do training courses begin?
    • E-learning courses open on December 13, 2023 and must be completed prior to classroom training.
    • Classroom training begins on January 15, 2024.
    • Classroom training will be available seven days per week, including evenings and weekends to offer maximum flexibility. There will be no training sessions on statutory holidays.


  • How long will training take?
    The amount of time required for training varies depending on your role and your scope of use of the MEDITECH Expanse system.
    • E-learning courses should take an estimated three hours to complete.
      • Midwives will have an estimated six hours of e-learn courses. They do not need to be completed all at once, however they must be completed before your classroom training sessions.
    • Classroom training will vary greatly depending on your role.
      • Typically for most providers this ranges from four to five hours of classroom learning.
      • Midwives will require ten hours of classroom learning.
  • How do I know what courses I need to register for?
    When training registration opens, a link will be shared to the Advance Training Curriculum Tool. Once in this tool, you will be asked a series of questions, the answers to which will determine the curriculum(s) you must take. After the curriculums are identified in the tool, you will be prompted to log in to LearningHub to register for those curriculums. You must have an active and up-to-date LearningHub account.
  • I am a provider at Royal Columbian Hospital, but previously completed training for Go-Live at Eagle Ridge, Mission Memorial or Fraser Canyon. Do I still need to complete training for RCH?

    Yes, previously trained providers still need to complete training, however the scope of that training is dependent upon the amount of training previously completed and the extent to which the provider has been using MEDITECH Expanse since completing training.

    • If you are an emergency department provider, who was trained for Eagle Ridge Hospital, you are not required to complete formal classroom training. Dr. Kenneth Chan, ACMIO, will reach out to you regarding further upskilling training.
    • If you are an emergency department provider who does inpatient service such as trauma or ICU, you will require “Advance – Provider (Continuing Education)” curriculum.
    • Any other provider who has been trained for Eagle Ridge Hospital, will require the “Advance - Provider (Continuing Education)” curriculum.
    • If you are a provider who has not yet received any training in MEDITECH Expanse, you are required to complete the standard provider training applicable to your role, which includes all applicable e-learns and 4-5 hours of classroom training.
    • Residents in Block 11 will receive training during the first week of the block before Go-Live (April 8-12)
    • Medical students are required to complete e-learns only. They will not be required to participate in classroom training.

    The questionnaire in the curriculum tool that will be shared on December 13 will help you confirm the category you fall into and your associated curriculum requirements.

  • Should I select a classroom training date close to Go-Live so I don’t forget what I learn?

    Providers are encouraged to complete their training early (in January or February) to ensure there is plenty of time to practice in MEDITECH Expanse before Go-Live and get more familiar with the system in order to reduce initial productivity losses.

    This will also give you time to set up your favourites, order sets, documents, widgets, and more.

    If providers want a training date closer to Go-Live (March, early April) then be sure to register as early as possible, because those classroom sessions will fill up quickly.

  • Is there support to complete training registration?
    Yes. Members of the Advance Provider Engagement team will be on-site at RCH offering assistance to providers who need help with the registration process. Contact the provider engagement team directly for support
  • Where will classroom training take place?
    Classroom training will be offered at Royal Columbian Hospital, Eagle Ridge Hospital and Central City in Surrey. Details of the exact training room locations will be available in LearningHub when the learner registers.
  • Do we need a LearningHub account?
    Yes. Ensure you have an active and updated LearningHub account. Providers are strongly encouraged to use a Fraser Health email address for their account, though it is not mandatory. Visit LearningHub Account Management.
  • Do providers need to complete Fluency Direct / FESR training?
    • Providers are urged to complete FESR training promptly to minimize the learning curve at Go-Live and to ensure a smoother transition to the new workflows.
    • When MEDITECH® Expanse goes live telephone dictation will no longer be available, and providers will either document using Fluency Direct or by typing. Fluency Flex/FESR training is available now via this link: Fluency Flex Training
    • When MEDITECH® Expanse training registration opens, there will be two Fluency Direct training options available based on your current Fluency Flex proficiency:
You will need to set up and verify your LearningHub account before you can register for training. 
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