Training and support

Advance Training

Training and support


Supporting you on the journey to Go-Live

Change isn’t always easy and the transformation journey may feel like a difficult road at times. However, together we can succeed. 

The Advance Program team is taking steps to help ensure a smooth transition to
the program and its new technology. As part of that effort, everyone who will work
in MEDITECH® Expanse will receive training to get ready for implementation at
their site. Training involves a combination of in-person classroom sessions and
online learning.

Teachings are planned, designed, and developed in partnership between the Advance training team, Advance clinical workstreams, subject matter experts,
and site-based experts, including Fraser Health’s Lower Mainland
Consolidated Partners. 


Want to have a sneak peek at the technology? The Advance training team provides opportunities to view the system, learn about high-level changes, and help users improve their computer skills if needed. 


Training sessions help staff to build their knowledge, competencies and confidence. To accommodate different learning styles, training is held in various formats, such as classroom learning, videos, handbooks, e-learning, and worksheets. If you have questions about training please contact the Advance training team.


The Advance team will have several different types of support available during Go-Live, including super users from each site and Advance Go-Live team support. Super users receive enhanced training and can help troubleshoot issues or connect to other technical resources to get answers to pressing questions.

Advance support doesn’t end once your site goes live. At-the-elbow support will be available 24/7 for several weeks after Go-Live. Additional post-training support may include simulations of new or modified workflows and facilitated sessions to run through scenarios involving multiple roles (i.e. an end-to-end patient journey). 

Make sure you’re ready for training when it begins at your site. Validate your LearningHub account via the training registration page.
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