Complex long term care home which 125 residents call home.

Societe du Foyer Maillard is a registered charity and not for profit society. The Fraser Health Authority subsidizes all stays. FHA assesses all residents to confirm qualifying placement.

We encourage you to visit our website for a more comprehensive description of our home.

Foyer Maillard practices a culture of diversity that honors the customs of its residents and employees. Our roots support accessible care to French speaking adults and has blossomed to the provision of care to a variety of languages and cultures. We have 50 years of experience in focusing on the importance of cultural and linguistically appropriate care.

The residence has 125 publicly subsidized long term care beds. All rooms are single occupancy rooms.


Room features and personalization All rooms are private with their own washroom. Included in your room is a specialized electric bed with standard mattress, a 3-drawer nightstand with a locking drawer, a wardrobe and a comfortable chair. Bed linens and towels are also provided.

You are encouraged to bring in pictures and personal items to help make this your home. Please remember that staff are required to perform work duties in your room and be able to do so safely. Your room must be kept free of congestion and clutter. All electric appliances must be CSA approved and in safe working order. We supply a wallmount bracket for your flatscreen tv.

All furniture must be safely movable and washable.

For your own safety and the safety of others, items that not allowed include teakettles, coffeepots, electric blankets, clothing irons, heating pads and space heaters. Refrigerators are not allowed due to food safety.
Accessibility Our home is fully wheelchair accessible although we are unable to support electric wheelchairs and scooters.

Each room equipped with ceiling lift support and therapeutic bathing and shower facilities in each neighborhood.
Every neighborhood includes outdoor access, a dining room, large social lounge and small visiting (quiet) room.
The garden has an accessible walking loop and shaded sitting areas.

Due to the challenging topography (many steep hills), walking in our surrounding neighborhood is not practical or safe in many instances.
Security Foyer Maillard utilizes the Wanderguard System to provide a secured electronic perimeter for residents who are not safe to leave the facility unescorted by staff or family / friends.

The Foyer Maillard is equipped with video security and all activity in public spaces and exits / entrances are recorded.

All entry doors have keypad coded access and egress.
Smoking  We are striving to become smoke free by the spring of 2019 and are no longer accepting smokers into our home.
Location information   We are located closely to public transit and shopping services but due to the challenging topography (many steep hills), walking in our surrounding neighborhood is not practical or safe in many instances.
Additional site features Each floor (x3) is composed of three resident neighborhoods which contain a dining room, recreation lounge , quiet room, access to outdoor space and 13 to 15 resident rooms.

There is a small meeting space/library as well as a community lounge area on the main floor.
Parking and transportation  There is limited visitor only parking in the underground parkade as well as neighborhood street parking.


Social and recreation programs   The Recreation Department strives to provide high quality programs to meet the unique leisure needs of all residents.  Recreation activities are offered seven days a week, at times convenient to residents.  Recreation activities come in many different forms, from individual visiting to large group programs, both within the facility and the community.

We have active participation in our Family Forum meetings and Resident Council meetings.
Spiritual program We support each resident’s right to celebrate his or her faith and will attempt to meet the spiritual needs our residents, their families and staff members within their religious affiliation.  There is a Spiritual Space on the first floor that is available to residents and families / friends of all faiths and religious traditions for prayer and quiet reflection.

Volunteers from many religious groups in our community can be requested to visit residents. Please speak to the Volunteer Coordinator. Community volunteers also offer regular services for various religious backgrounds.
Pets Residents are not permitted to keep pets.  However, at FM we realize that pets are a part of the family and pet visitors are welcome and enjoyed by many of the residents.
Medical assistance in dying On-site assessment and on-site provision available.

Additional services

Hairdressing  Hairdressing services provided two days per week on a private pay basis.
Foot and nail care A footcare nurse regularly attends to resident needs on a private pay basis.
Additional services We offer on site dental, optometry, music therapy and OT services on a private pay basis.

Rehab therapy and Physical Therapy assessments   provided as required.


1010 Alderson Avenue
B.C.V3K 1W1
Phone: 604-937-5578

Address Notes

Provides 24-hour professional nursing services to people who are no longer able to stay at home safely.

Hours of operation

Open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Contact us to find out more about our services and how to access them:

  • New clients can contact our Home Health Service Line at 1-855-412-2121 (open seven days a week, 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.; on statutory holidays between 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).
  • Current clients should contact your Home Health office.

For information on additional services and programs for older adults visit


Referral by case manager at a Home and Community Care office is required. To access service call the Home Health Service Line for more information; do not contact the care home directly.


There is a monthly accommodation fee; additional fees may apply for incidental services.

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