Provides education and support to adults who have experienced a concussion. Provides rehabilitation, community support and residential services to adults who have experienced a brain injury. Service may be provided in the client's home.

218 Blue Mountain Street
B.C.V3K 4H2
Phone: 604-520-4175
Fax: 604-936-0955


Available to individuals with a brain injury acquired after birth and residing in the Fraser Health Authority region.

Available for ages 19-65


You can be referred by a physician, health care provider, family member, or friend. Self-referrals are also accepted.

If you have been a recent client of Acquired Brain Injury Services (ABIS) or you are re-referring someone who has been a recent client, the entire ABIS referral form does not need to be completed. Please complete page 2 (Demographics and service request page), and page 8 (Appendix A Client Authorization).

Please find the Acquired Brain Injury and Concussion Services referral form.