Provides education and support to persons with a mild-severe brain injury.



General eligibility criteria for Acquired Brain Injury Services:

  • 19 years of age or older
  • Has an acquired brain injury with diagnostic evidence
  • Medically stable
  • Requires behavioural support and individualized care to complete activities of daily living and community living skills as a result of the acquired brain injury
  • Has no (or limited) funding and/or access to services from third party funders
  • Agrees to receive services from Acquired Brain Injury Services, or consent is provided by the client’s appointed representative

Referral criteria for Acquired Brain Injury Services Community Beds:

The client presents with a combination of cognitive or communication deficits that lead to intolerable safety risks; and one (or more) of the following:

  • Has completed inpatient rehab and would benefit from a transitional rehab resource for further functional gains in order to move to a lower level of care
  • No functional change is anticipated with intensive rehab intervention and current care needs can’t be managed in the home
  • Has physical care needs and requires a placement match consistent with their peer group
  • Presents with challenging behaviours that impact social and care interactions. These may include verbal, physical, or sexual aggression/disinhibition; persistent elopement; lack of initiation or impulsivity; inappropriate social behaviour.

Referral criteria for Acquired Brain Injury Services Community Support Services:

The client:

  • Presents with cognitive or communication deficits that can be managed in the home.
  • Requires an individualized plan to gain independence with instrumental activities of daily living and/or community living skills in various community settings.
  • Actively participates in goal setting and achievement.
  • Requires support for safety in their home where:
    • Caregivers require support to avoid caregiver burnout.
    • Services are required to mitigate safety concerns, medical needs, social vulnerability, or risk of self-neglect (e.g. adult guardianship concerns).

If you have specific questions about eligibility please call our intake team at 604-514-7460.


Referral from a physician, health care provider, family member, friend, or self-referral is accepted.