Home support services focus on helping people with physical limitations manage activities of daily living.

101-20651 56 Avenue
B.C. V3A 3Y9
Phone: 604-532-6500
Fax: 604-532-9642


Adults aged 19 and over with health issues, age-related limitations or other disabilities. Clients must meet eligibility requirements to receive services. Learn more about eligibility requirements.

Your Home Health care provider may recommend programs to you or you may be able to apply directly for access. Learn more about accessing Home Health services.


Call for more information or to request service. Current Home Health clients should contact their local office for questions regarding their enrolled services.


Some services are provided free of charge while others include a cost based on your after tax income. Learn more about costs associated with our Home Health services.

Language (s) Offered

Primarily English. Translation services can be made available if sufficient notice is given. It is suggested the client arrange to have an interpreter present if understanding English is difficult.


New Home Health clients: For general questions or to access this service, contact our central Home Health Service Line, 1-855-412-2121.

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