Our pre-admission clinic prepares you for your surgery or procedure before you are admitted to hospital.

Why would I attend the pre-admission clinic?

The purpose of the pre-admission clinic is to make sure that you are prepared for your heart surgery or procedure before you are admitted to hospital. The pre-admission clinic helps make sure that you:

  • Are medically fit for surgery
  • Are aware of the instructions to follow to prepare for surgery
  • Have made all the necessary plans for your recovery
  • Are informed about what to expect before and after surgery

Which cardiac patients go to the pre-admission clinic?

Patients who are waiting at home until the day of their surgery or procedure. This includes patients going for open heart surgery, TAVI, some implantable cardiac devices and other special procedures.

When will I be notified of my pre-admission clinic appointment?

Clinic staff will phone you before your surgery or procedure. Your appointment will usually be scheduled two weeks before your operation.

What can I expect at my pre-admission clinic appointment?

  • You will see a clinic nurse and an anaesthesiologist
  • You will be given preoperative and postoperative information about your surgery or procedure
  • You may see a physiotherapist
  • You may have blood work, an electrocardiogram (ECG), chest X-ray or other tests

The appointment is typically two hours. If you are having open heart surgery you will have two clinic appointments scheduled.

What should I bring to my pre-admission clinic appointment?

You should bring:

  • A family member or friend if possible
  • Reading glasses and/or hearing aids
  • All of your prescription medications in their original containers including blister packs
  • All over-the-counter medications including herbal remedies and vitamins in their original containers
  • If you are having heart surgery bring your heart surgery bag on your second appointment