Provides information and online resources for adults who would like to explore the option of assisted dying. Topics include eligibility, options for end-of-life care, and steps to receive medical assistance in dying.

Medical Assistance in Dying refers to a doctor or nurse practitioner helping a person, at their request, to end their life. The person must want to voluntarily and intentionally end their life.

Medical assistance can be in one of two ways. Either the doctor or nurse practitioner gives a medicine to the person that causes death, or they prescribe a medicine for the person to take themselves that causes death. For both ways, the doctor or nurse practitioner is present for the death.

Deciding to have ‘medical assistance in dying’ is deeply personal. Anyone thinking about this should talk with their family, their loved ones, and/or anyone else who can support them through the process. For how to talk to children about medical assistance in dying, please refer to our brochure

It is normal to have questions and the following information will help you explore the option of assisted dying and who is eligible. 



Age 18 or over.  Visit the Medical Assistance in Dying page on the website for more information about eligibility.

Location(s) offering this service

Medical Assistance in Dying Care Coordination Centre – phone line only