The medication management program consists of home visits by pharmacists.

In a home visit, your medications are reviewed, outdated and unneeded medications are removed, aid options (e.g. blister packs) are introduced as needed, and recommendations are given to you and your family physician.

Seniors taking more than six medications, at risk of drug interaction, with kidney or liver failure, or with dementia or confusion are typically referred to the program. In addition, pharmacists involved in home visits are automatically alerted of individuals over the age of 65 who have been recently discharged from the hospital and who are taking six or more medications.

Additionally, there is a medications return program which enables the safe disposal of expired or unused medications. Correct disposal of medication is important. It prevents accidental consumption by children and those that may misuse prescriptions, and keeps medicine out of landfills and the water supply. Medications can be returned to any pharmacy for safe disposal.



Appropriate for seniors at risk of medication misadventures, including those recently discharged from hospital taking six or more regular medications. Nursing home clients are excluded from this service. For ages 65 and older.


Referral is required.

Location(s) offering this service

Langley Home Health
101-20651 56 Avenue