Offers short-term, temporary care designed to provide a much-needed break or support to families and caregivers supporting a loved one recovering from a mental illness.

Examples of how some families have used respite services:

  • Daily breaks from care-giving through planned outings or through home visits to the person who is ill.
  • Extended scheduled breaks for the caregiver including a planned weekend away or a regular vacation.
  • Finding a suitable companion for a loved one or connecting them to a community resource, a new hobby or exercise program.

A member of the family support team can meet with you to help develop an individualized respite plan.

See our events calendar for a list of upcoming family and friends support groups.



An individual or family is eligible for family respite service if they meet the following criteria:

  • They are considered to be a primary support to a friend or family member who is over 18 years of age and experiencing a mental illness.
  • They are not being paid for the services they provide.
  • They require relief from their care-giving responsibilities.


Call 1-833-898-6200 to access family respite services.