When you are recovering from a mental health/substance use challenge, volunteering can help you.

The therapeutic volunteer program (TVP) is designed to support you and your recovery. It is offered through the clubhouse program in your community.

When you are recovering from a mental illness or substance use challenge, volunteering can be helpful in the following ways:  

  • Building confidence in your work and social skills
  • Making connections to the community
  • Improving your ability to access other programs, such as education and paid work options
  • Gaining some satisfaction in your life

Volunteer positions can be with a variety of programs, agencies and/or organizations. You can work with your case manager, or therapist about your interest and they will link you to the people who can help you.  



People who are receiving services through their community clubhouse can access the therapeutic volunteer program.

For other programs that can help you find the right volunteer position, contact your community mental health and substance use centre.