Outpatient occupational therapy is provided to patients living in the Fraser Health Authority.  Target populations include stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury and a variety of other neurological conditions with a goal of maximizing function and quality of life in the community.  

Occupational therapists (OT) help you work on improving your physical skills, cognitive (thinking) skills and coping skills so that you can participate in the everyday activities that are meaningful to you. For example: getting dressed, relearning to use a pen to write, grocery shopping or making a meal.

Please refer to the candidacy guidelines for a list of the specific admission criteria to determine eligibility.



Download our referral form. Referral must be made by a health care provider.

The referral form must be completed in full for screening to determine if it meets our eligibility criteria. Please include all relevant medical consults and investigative reports along with the completed referral form.


Patients are billed for custom made orthotics, splints and adaptive equipment. These fees are generally refundable through insurance plans.

Language(s) Offered

Primarily English, although translation services can be made available.


Health care providers only: If you require more information, please call 604-587-4621 (option 2).