Offers education and exercise classes to help individuals better manage their chronic condition. Registration is required. No referrals necessary.

Class topics include: 

  • Healthy Eating Series.  Learn how to make healthy food choices to manage cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose and chronic conditions.
  • Weight Management.  Learn how to make changes for healthy, long term weight loss and how to develop a positive relationship with food.
  • Stress Management. Learn about the effects of stress and effective stress management strategies.
  • Managing Blood Pressure. Learn about blood pressure, and how lifestyle changes and medications can help you manage it.
  • Managing Cholesterol. Learn how lifestyle changes and medications can help manage cholesterol. Bring your current lipid levels and blood pressure results to class.
  • Medications for your Heart. Find out more about the medications you have been prescribed for your condition
Funded or operated by outside party.



Physician referral and appointment required; call for more information

Location(s) offering this service

Vine Avenue Clinics
15455 Vine Avenue
White Rock