Temporary placements of academic faculty within Fraser Health.

Fraser Health Faculty Fellow

The purpose of the Fraser Health Faculty Fellow position is to establish new research relationships between Fraser Health and academic institutions through the temporary placement of academic faculty within Fraser Health for durations ranging from a research semester to a one-year sabbatical.

This opportunity is open to mid-career and senior faculty who are looking to form new connections or explore new research directions within the health care system while offering research mentorship. All disciplines and methodological approaches aligned with health care system priorities are welcome.

The details of the Fellow placements, such as duration, can be tailored to fit the needs of the faculty member and placement program area. For one-year sabbatical placements, Fraser Health may offer funds to top-up 20% of a faculty member’s salary. Other avenues of funding, such as for a teaching release or project operating funds, will be explored on a case-by-case basis.

Placement process:

Academic researchers: provide a brief outline of your proposed contribution and learning goals.

Fraser Health program areas: provide a brief description of your program’s research needs.

In order to start the process, fill out the intake form.

Contact Magdalena Newman for more information or to discuss placement idea.

Critical success factors:

  • A mid-career or senior academic researcher with an established research career. This will:
    • Provide more freedom for pursuing new directions prioritized by the matching FH program
    • Facilitate success in funding applications
    • Provide sufficient expertise to serve as an advisor for research strategic planning and mentorship of staff and trainees
  • An open-minded approach that is supportive of mutually beneficial partnerships. Fellows and their program matches must be open to sharing leadership on projects and funding applications where it makes strategic sense so that all involved can benefit.

Benefits for academic faculty:

  • Formation of new collaborative relationships within the BC health care system
  • Development of new research career directions
  • Exposure to the inner-workings of a health care delivery organization
  • Potential for trainees to gain experience within the health care system
  • Potential for generation of research outputs and outcomes with direct applicability and impact in the health care systemPotential for increase in fundability in grant competitions focused on health care partnerships

Benefits for academic faculty:

  • Expertise to support research strategic planning
  • Mentorship of FH staff in research, thereby increasing future capacity of staff to conduct research projects and apply for research funding
  • Expert support in research project design and conduct of studies
  • Increase in research, evaluation and quality improvement activities
  • Increased potential for external research funding
  • Increased ability to attract trainees

Inaugural placement:

Dr. Valorie Crooks, Professor, SFU Department of Geography
One-year sabbatical in FH Long-Term Care/Assisted-Living program
September 2021 – August 2022


Fraser Health Faculty Fellow Position document

Download this PDF document.