Find answers to frequently asked questions and information on individual and group supports and community and provincial palliative care resources.

  • How will my family be defined? How will my family be supported through my illness journey?

    Fraser Health recognizes that family is whomever you identify as important in your life. This can also be a substitute decision maker, in case your condition changes and you are unable to make health care decisions.

    A number of different supports are available to your family. Such as a palliative social worker who can support with grief, loss and end-of-life planning and bereavement support from a local hospice society which may include individual and group counselling for adults and children.

  • How will my cultural or religious practices be recognized and honoured?

    Fraser Health honours cultural and religious practices of individuals receiving care and encourages them to share any information about what is important to them. This will allow the care team to provide the best possible care. If needed, your care team can help with connections to other individuals such as a palliative social worker, spiritual health practitioners, chaplains, Indigenous Health Liaisons or Elders.

  • If I receive palliative care does that mean I have to stop other treatment or receiving health care services?

    No, palliative care for symptom management, psychosocial and spiritual care can take place along-side other treatments and in partnership with medical specialists.

    Some palliative care services focus on the care of people who are no longer seeking life-prolonging health care.

  • What is the BC Palliative Benefits Resource and do I quality?

    Click here for information on the BC Palliative Care Benefits Program.