How to prepare for care at home and supports in the community.

When does baby get go home?

The first question that parents often ask in the NICU is: when does my baby go home?

Going home depends on several factors. Some babies go home within a few days. Other babies are not ready to go home for weeks or months. Your baby’s care team will talk about when your baby is close to going home so you can have plenty of time to prepare for their home arrival.

There are several general rules that can help you find out whether your baby is close to going home:

  • Their breathing is stable.
  • They are feeding on their own either by breast, bottle or combination of both.
  • They are steadily gaining weight.
  • They fit their car seat and have passed a car seat challenge.

What you can do to prepare for your baby's discharge

Bringing a baby home from the NICU requires extra care and precautions. There are several activities you can do to prepare yourself for your baby's discharge.

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