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This week's high fives go to our amazing people at Eagle Ridge Hospital, Burnaby Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital, Baillie House, Abbotsford Regional Hospital, Langley Memorial Hospital and our dietitians.

I am emailing to express my sincere thanks for the expert and compassionate care I received from Fraser Health, in the hope that you will be able to share this with the relevant patient care managers and staff. I myself am the director of urban health, mental health and substance use with Providence Health Care, and a veteran RN of 25 years, so have much experience on the ‘other side of the bed’.

On August 21, I attended Eagle Ridge ER, after feeling progressively ill. I in fact had bilateral pneumonia and was in septic shock. From triage to trauma room was about five minutes. A very frightening couple of hours followed until I was intubated and eventually transferred to Burnaby Hospital Intensive Care Unit, where I remained for 18 days, extremely sick and ventilated. My memory of Eagle Ridge is my RN, Ginelle, who was constantly reassuring, compassionate, patient and professional. She made a terrifying experience much easier to cope with.

On waking up in Burnaby ICU after 14 days of sedation, I was very delirious, but all the RNs and RTs in particular were extremely kind, patient and compassionate. In particular, RNs Grace, Barb, Mary Tess, Josie and Monique stand out in my mind as being so kind, reassuring and providing expert nursing care to me. An extremely traumatic experience was made easier to bear by the nursing staff always protecting my dignity, treating my husband and family with kindness, respect and plenty of information about my progress and care. There are so many more nurses who looked after me while I was sedated who I am unable to remember but to whom I am extremely grateful. Being on the other side of the health care experience is humbling and scary, but the Burnaby ICU team worked so hard to keep me safe, worked with me during my most delirious times and did so with amazing patience and compassion.

Eagle Ridge ER and Burnaby ICU quite literally saved my life, and did so with compassion and obvious caring. Due to ongoing respiratory issues, I returned to Burnaby Hospital ER on the evening of September 20. Once again, I was struck with the professionalism, compassion and expertise of the staff at Burnaby Hospital. My nurse, Brenda, was quite simply wonderful - caring, calm, kind and professional. The physician team showed genuine concern and caring, included me in my care and decision making and ensured I had follow up.

I am so thankful to the teams who cared for me and my family during an unexpected critical illness. The quality of care, cleanliness and professionalism is something that Fraser Health should be very proud of and it drives me to ensure that my own teams are working to such a high standard.

Please pass on my sincere thanks for both saving my life and showing me and my loved ones such genuine care and compassion.

I want to commend the nurses and doctors in the Psychiatric Emergency ward. In my recent stay, I was struck by the professionalism, compassion and caring of the staff. I want to especially note the nurses, Melissa and Rhonda. They are exceptional in their work.

I would like to reach out and thank the amazing, awe inspiring team of nurses at the Burnaby Hospital Palliative Complex Care Unit 2D. I hope I do not forget any names, Carla, Kaitlyn, Winny and Jamie...you are all my heroes today. My friend passed this morning at 4:00 am(ish), which is what he wanted. We were not able to meet his last wishes, of going home, however you all participated in making him as comfortable as possible. Your kindness and non-judgmental nature was so very important to us, his friends. Carla, you are a rock star, your tenderness last night while I sat with him as he enjoyed the simple taste and smell of his beloved Cognac, made me feel relieved that he was in good hands. I felt his pleasure of the old familiar smell and taste....he moaned, as you know. Your gentle voice and soft touch, your sensitivity to tenderly nourishing his mouth with Cognac and even holding the glass to his nose...Lloyd lived life on his terms and we all hopefully helped him at the end of his life do it his way as best as we all could.

Thank you for your compassion, you are all amazing nurses and I bow in humble awe of meeting you all.

I was recently admitted to Burnaby Hospital for a severe case of bacterial pneumonia. I received exceptional care from the moment I entered until the day I was discharged. I was so ill, but I felt confident after speaking to Dr. Yap, Dr. Jansz and Dr. Zaidel, that I was in good hands and would receive the best care possible.

All of the nurses were very kind and attentive, but I must give my nurse Aurelia Vida extra credit for her compassionate and gentle presence during my stay. As busy as she was with all of her other patients, Aurelia always checked in with me to see if I needed anything and sometimes just to take a few minutes to talk to me.

I hope I never have to return to the hospital, but I also know that should I ever have to, I can be assured that I will receive the best care possible. Thank you to everyone at Burnaby Hospital.

I was in your emergency ward on Monday at 10:30 till 4:30 that afternoon. The care I received from nurse Natalie was outstanding .I've had a few stays in the hospital in my life. Natalie was one of the best nurses I've ever had. She was busy and still gave me the care I needed. She was outstanding.

Our family expresses gratitude for the compassion, empathy and good health care extended to our father. We are fully aware how hard and challenging your occupation role is.

We want you all to know we appreciate the kindness and compassion for my aging father.

Our very, very best regards to all staffers at Baillie House.

My son was recently admitted to the ER department due to concerns about an appendicitis. After blood tests and an ultra sound, it was decided an appendectomy was required. Later that evening he was transferred to the OR and post operatively to the Baker Unit. I was very impressed with the level of care, attention and support he received throughout his stay.

As a registered nurse myself, I could appreciate how busy the ER was that afternoon and evening but the staff did not falter in their care.

Please pass on my compliments to the staff for their professionalism and hard work.

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