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Above and Beyond

When you put your heart into something, it comes back to you

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Even in a workplace full of remarkable people, some just stand out. They're the ones who go above and beyond and accomplish impressive results. The Fraser Health values—respect, caring and trust—are part of who they are on a personal and professional basis, and it shows in their exemplary commitment to the people they serve. These are the workplace leaders we look up to, no matter what their role. And now we want to recognize those who go above and beyond. It's an honour to which everyone can aspire.

What is Above and Beyond?

Above and Beyond, an annual event, is our special way of celebrating the outstanding achievements of Fraser Health employees, physicians and volunteers. Successful nominees will be honoured at a special Directors' Forum.

Who is eligible?

Fraser Health employees, physicians and volunteers are eligible. Nominations can be for an individual or a team.

Who can nominate?

Fraser Health employees, physicians, volunteers, patients, external suppliers, contractors and other external groups can nominate an individual or a team. Nominators must identify themselves.

What is the nomination process?

A broad-based selection committee will determine award recipients from the nominations received. The committee includes representation from across Fraser Health and is made up of members of the executive team, physicians, health services administrators (directors, managers), volunteer resources manager, and frontline employees.

Complete and submit a nomination form to nominate someone exceptional.

The Above and Beyond Awards honour individuals or teams who have clearly demonstrated behaviours or produced results (that go above and beyond the call of duty).  Consideration will be given to initiatives that occurred within the last two calendar years.

What are the award criteria?

To ensure that your nominee is duly recognized, please provide clear and specific examples of the individual or team’s performance, achievements, and accomplishments when filling out the nomination form.

Service delivery excellence Do you work with an individual or a team that delivers a quality service, and goes above and beyond by showing exceptional initiative, perseverance, accountability or commitment in meeting or exceeding patient, resident, client or customer needs?

Creativity and innovationDo you know someone who is especially creative and imaginative and has used those qualities to benefit Fraser Health by improving service, advancing practice or saving resources?

Positive work environmentHave you noticed any true team players whose actions or attitudes have moved the organization forward in a meaningful way by nurturing relationships, inspiring colleagues, clients or patients, or demonstrating a high level of integrity and compassion?

Evidence-based practiceAre you aware of anyone or any team that has advanced practice or patient safety through the use of an evidence-based approach to education, research, information technology, mentoring, or learning and development?

Collaborative partnershipsDo you work with someone or with a team whose talent for working in collaborative partnerships, either internally or with external groups, has significantly benefited Fraser Health employees, patients, residents, clients or the community at large?

Living our values Do you know someone who lives the Fraser Health values of respect, caring and trust? And do they go one step further, by exceeding customer expectations, engaging in exemplary behaviour, such as volunteerism or acts of heroism, and makes an outstanding contribution to either the quality of life in Fraser Health's workplace or the well-being of the patients, residents and clients we serve?


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