The South Asian Health Institute works to fulfill the health needs of South Asians.

What is the South Asian Health Institute?

The South Asian Health Institute (SAHI) aims to improve the health of our South Asian community through research and culturally relevant programs.

Why do you focus on South Asians?

Research has shown that South Asians are two to three times more likely to develop heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, and diabetes ten years earlier in comparison to other ethnic groups.  

How do you work with South Asians?

The Sehat program is a community-based outreach program that partners with South Asian places of worship and businesses to improve the health and wellness of the community. The Sehat program engages, empowers and educates South Asians about how to make healthy choices to prevent chronic diseases. 

Sehat Cooks

  • Collaboration with South Asian places of worship to create healthy daily meals that are served to up to 2,000 people, while also encouraging healthy food purchases and donations. This initiative continues to partner with places of worship across the region.

Sehat Works

  • Collaboration with local South Asian business leaders to co-design culturally relevant healthy eating activities and services for the workplace, to improve employee health outcomes and productivity.

Sehat Schools

  • Partnership with local South Asian schools to co-design culturally relevant healthy eating activities.

Sehat Media

  • Media project to increase awareness and reach through culturally relevant health information through different media platforms.

Watch our Apnee Sehat video to learn more:

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by becoming a Sehat wellness ambassador for the Sehat program. By volunteering for the Sehat program, you will play an important role in carrying out the success of our community outreach initiatives.

Learn more and become a Sehat wellness ambassador.

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