Download resources to promote healthy living for the South Asian community.

Health for life booklet

Download our Health for life booklet which includes information on healthy eating, reducing sugar intake, reading nutrition labels, nutrient-rich foods and recipes to try at home. 

Healthy eating

Download our graphics for information on healthy eating. More information on healthy eating is available in our Health for life booklet.


Download our graphics for easy-to-make and delicious recipes. More recipes are available in our Health for life booklet.

Healthy living

Download our graphics below for healthy living tips and tricks.

  • Five tips to a healthier
    Increase the health of your heart with these five tips.
    English | Punjabi
  • Benefits of walking
    Find out about the benefits of walking.
    English | Punjabi
  • Tips on walking
    Easy ways to increase how much you walk.
    English | Punjabi
  • Let's walk
    Benefits, tips and goals of walking for the South Asian Community.
    English | Punjabi
  • Foundations of mental wellness (English)
    Simple and easy tips to increase your mental wellness.
  • How to improve your blood cholesterol levels 
    Good and bad cholesterol definitions. Steps on how to improve cholesterol levels.
    English | Punjabi