The Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Stabilization Unit (CAPSU) is a short stay unit for children and youth (ages six - 17) who need mental health crisis stabilization for two to seven days.

The CAPSU team is specialized in supporting children and youth and their families/caregivers in times of acute mental health distress.

The safety of your child is one of our main focuses as well as providing safety planning, coping skills and community resources. On discharge your child may still require further support in the community.

Patients have their own room, shared washrooms and eat in a common area.

Adolescent Psychiatric Unit

The Adolescent Psychiatric Unit (APU) helps youth (ages 12 - 17) experiencing mental health issues and illnesses by starting a treatment plan and helping them recover. We use a team approach and work closely with youth, their families and the community. Youth usually stay four weeks at APU.

APU provides assessment, group activities and a school component to support academic needs. We will facilitate necessary referrals to specialists and community services for follow-up care.

Patients have their own room, shared washrooms, access to outdoor space and eat in a common area.



Referrals for CAPSU are done in Emergency Departments.

Referrals for APU can be initiated by Child and Youth Mental Health (MCFD), early psychosis intervention (EPI) program, CAPSU (Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Stabilization Unit) and require an accompanying psychiatric assessment/consultation. 


  • Kelty Mental Health
    Provincial resource centre that provides mental health and substance use information, resources, and peer support to children, youth and their families from across B.C.
  • Foundry
    Helps youth and young adults in B.C. check out how they’re feeling and quickly connect to mental health resources and support. Support includes education, self-care tools, website links and assistance in connecting to local professional resources.
  • Child, youth and young adult apps
    Apps available to support your loved one's mental health.

Location(s) offering this service

Surrey Memorial Hospital
13750 96th Avenue