Work is an important part of the recovery process.

Recovery from mental illness includes getting back a feeling of hope, more power to make decisions in your life, taking responsibility and finding meaningful roles in life. Work is an important part of this process.

Employment is an important part of recovery from mental illness as it provides the opportunity to:

  • Make a living
  • Meet and connect with other people  
  • Make each day more interesting
  • Give more meaning to leisure time
  • Think less about their mental illness  
  • Develop personal pride (helps the person to feel better about themselves)

If you want to work and are a client of a community mental health and substance use centre, an employment counsellor can work with you to find a job.

Services include:

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Interview preparation, telephone scripts and skills
  • Internet marketing skills
  • Direct job marketing and placement
  • Negotiating accommodations with employers and supports with regards to disclosure
  • Job coaching; both pre-employment and support once working
  • Labour market research and information
  • Ongoing support once working
  • Assistance to employed clients to keep jobs and with finding a new job
  • Return to work planning and support

Supported work through clubhouses

All clubhouses offer a range of opportunities: