Creekside Withdrawal Management Centre provides medically monitored care for individuals at risk for medically complicated or severe withdrawal. 

Withdrawal management services provide short-term medical supervision and support to individuals who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms associated with their discontinued use of alcohol/other drugs. Medically supervised withdrawal management is important, as there are some serious health risks for people withdrawing from alcohol/other drugs. Once a person has completed withdrawal, they can enter a treatment program. 

The Creekside Withdrawal Management Centre supports individuals through their withdrawal symptoms that can range from increased pulse, blood pressure, anxiety, restlessness, agitation and mood swings.

Services include 24-hour onsite medically supervised withdrawal support from alcohol/other drugs along with:

  • Supportive counselling
  • Substance use information
  • Daily exercise and relaxation sessions
  • Assessment
  • Referral to other services
  • Harm reduction



Adults ages 19 years and older who require a medically supervised detox from substances involving a temporary stay at the Creekside Withdrawal Management Centre (13740 94A Avenue, Surrey).


Individuals are encouraged to attend their nearest Rapid Access to Addiction Care (RAAC) clinic for a medical assessment and treatment plan recommendations, which may include referral to this inpatient facility.

We ask individuals for their BC Services Card (or Care Card), family doctor’s name and current medications list, and can still assist the individual if they do not have this information. 

Location(s) offering this service

Creekside Withdrawal Management Centre
13740 94A Avenue