Short-stay medically supported program for clients who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Clients are medically supervised and supported through their withdrawal symptoms which can range from increased pulse, blood pressure, anxiety, restlessness, agitation and mood swings.

Detox services include 24-hour detoxification and withdrawal management services including supervised withdrawal from alcohol and other chemical dependencies. Also includes 30-day stabilization services for youth based on their needs, providing them with a safe place to get settled and plan next steps, once their withdrawal symptoms are under control.

Detox services provide:

  • Supportive counselling
  • Chemical dependency information
  • Daily exercise and relaxation sessions
  • Assessment
  • Referral to other services



Services available for youth under 19 years of age who require a medically supervised detox from substances.


Call 604-587-3755 and follow the prompts for ‘youth intake’ or contact your community substance use office to find out if this service is right for you.


  • Foundry
    Helps youth and young adults in B.C. check out how they’re feeling and quickly connect to mental health resources and support. Support includes education, self-care tools, website links, and assistance in connecting to local professional resources.
  • Kelty Mental Health
    Provincial resource centre that provides mental health and substance use information, resources, and peer support to children, youth and their families from across B.C.
  • Here to Help
    Mental health and substance use self-help resources and personal stories.
  • From Grief to Action
    A voice and support network for families and friends affected by substance use.