Videos can help you condense complicated information into a concise, engaging package.

The following guidelines are for Fraser Health staff, medical staff, volunteers or contractors who are producing videos in any capacity that represent Fraser Health business, staff, medical staff, volunteers and patients.

Any videos that do not meet the following standards will not be approved for publishing.



  • Do not use inappropriate or offensive language. Avoid racist and sexist terms and be careful of using stigma-perpetuating language, such as the word ‘crazy’.
  • Do not use inappropriate humour or anything that could be considered as making fun of patients, staff or others. When in doubt, leave humour out.
  • Do not violate copyright laws. Only use music and images that you have purchased a license to use.
  • Do not violate your terms of employment/collective agreement or other corporate policies.

Media consent

Written permission requesting consent from clients, patients, family members and health care professionals is required for those whose image, voice, comment or testimonial is recorded for use by Fraser Health. Download the media consent form.