Required learning is based on your role at the immunization clinic, and on your current profession and immunization experience.

Using LearningHub

LearningHub provides online training resources for learners at health organizations throughout B.C.

New to LearningHub:

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Returning to LearningHub:

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New Fraser Health employees

New Fraser Health employees are required to complete the following curriculum on LearningHub:

  1. New employee required learning curriculum – must be completed before your first shift.  
  2. Provincial violence prevention for medium and high risk departments - eight modules -  must be completed no later than six weeks from the date you start working.

Education and practice updates

Additional courses for current immunizers may be added as new vaccines roll out or as additional education is indicated by the BC Centre for Disease Control. Check back often for updates.

If you have completed the recommended comprehensive 15 hour BCCDC Immunization Competency Course you must complete the following prior to participating in COVID-19 immunization activities: COVID-19 Immunization Education For Roles That Have Completed The 15 h BCCDC Immunization Competency Course

Required learning for COVID-19 Child Immunization

* Including retired with license from BCCNM (RN, RPN, LPN, NP, Midwife)
^ Those who have recently completed the 15h course do not need to complete the shorter BCCDC COVID-19 Immunization Competency course. If you are a new hire to Fraser Health, all new hires must complete the curriculum laid out in the “New Employee” section of this page as well as all other courses in their role-specific Foundational Required Learning curricula. 

1 Regulated health professionals with authorization to perform the activities independently AND immunize without a PHO Order.
2 Pharmacists and Naturopathic Physicians who are not vaccine certified by the College of Pharmacists of BC / College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC are required to take the BCCDC Immunization Competency Course and be certified before providing immunizations.
3 All students must have completed the requisite foundational knowledge obtained in their educational program related to intramuscular injections, immunization basics and medication principles to participate in the mass vaccination clinics.
4 Health professional with authorization to immunize clients 4 years of age and up. 


For immunizers who are coming from other Fraser Health immunization settings, the Introduction to Indigenous Health module is also recommended.

Immunizers who completed their education before the Viral Vector Vaccine content was updated (prior to November 17, 2021)

Foundational COVID-19 Immunization Required Learning

Required learning is based on your role at the immunization clinic, and on your current profession and immunization experience. Check back often for updates.

Once you have finished your online curriculum, you will be contacted to be scheduled for your first shift and proficiency check.