We anticipate there will be continued high demand for influenza vaccines this year. We appreciate your continued support with vaccinating and protecting our communities.

This information is being provided to initiate planning for the season. Regular updates will follow.

Key Messages

  • Universal Influenza Program: All individuals six months and up are eligible for influenza vaccine.
  • Online vaccine request form: Orders will be placed through the online request form that will go live in mid-September. If needed, a fax option will also be available.
  • Vaccine wastage:
    • To prevent wastage, please order only what you can use.
    • In order to help you estimate required amounts based on last year’s usage, in the upcoming weeks we will share with you what you ordered last year and what was returned.
  • Required supplies when picking up vaccines from Public Health:
    • Hard-sided insulated cooler
    • Frozen ice pack
    • Packing materials (bubble wrap/paper)
  • Vaccine storage: Always store at 2-8°C. Refer to BCCDC’s vaccine storage and handling quick reference guide.

We will update you about this year’s influenza vaccines, detailed timelines, instructions on ordering vaccine, management of cold chain incidents and reporting of adverse events after immunization in upcoming MHO updates. Thank you for your support and assistance in keeping our communities safe.

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