Thank you for your work to provide flu vaccines in our communities. We know this is an exceptional year with high demand, and we appreciate your effort.

A few updates for this week:

Please do not duplicate vaccine requests on your order form

  •  We have received several orders where vaccine requests are listed twice on the order form, both under General Use and under Mass Clinics. Please separate your request according to use and do not repeat the request in different sections of the form. This will help us process your requests more quickly.

Private worksite clinics

  • Private worksites who are hosting employee flu clinics are not eligible for publicly funded vaccine distribution.
  • Publicly funded vaccines are distributed to Community Vaccine Providers to support general community/public access to flu vaccinations for eligible populations.

Recommended vaccine for age 65 years and older when Fluad not available

  • Our provincial supply of Fluad, the recommended vaccine product for those 65 years and older, is nearly finished.
  • Fraser Health recommends that Fluviral or Agriflu be given to those age 65 years and older when Fluad is not available. Flulaval Tetra may also be used if you have stock available beyond what you require for clients/patients < 18 years of age. All of these vaccines are effective for those age 65 years and older. Please immunize the client as they present and do not defer service.

Download the MHO update in PDF format.

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