Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership as we work together to respond to the
immunization needs of our communities.

We have more influenza vaccine arriving this month. It is still early in the flu season and a good time for your patients/clients to get their flu vaccination.

Additional flu vaccine is arriving this month

  • Three vaccine shipments will arrive from BCCDC during the month of December.
  • Outstanding vaccine orders will be filled where possible and new vaccine orders may also be filled, provided supplies are available. Please place any new flu vaccine orders with your local public health unit.

Limited supplies of High Dose Fluzone

  • There is a limited supply of High Dose Fluzone available for the immunization of residents of Assisted Living who are age 65 years and older. If you have eligible clients to provide this vaccine to, please submit a request to your local public health unit. (Longterm care residents receive their immunizations from their facility providers).

It’s not too late to get a flu shot

  • It is still early in the flu season which generally runs from the beginning of December to the end of March.
  • People can get a flu shot at any time throughout the season.
  • Please tell your clients, patients and the public that they can still get a flu shot to protect themselves and others from the flu. 

Download the MHO update in PDF format.

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