It’s time to submit your orders for flu vaccines. The first batch of orders will be ready for pick up by the week of October 13. Your local public health unit will contact you with details on picking up your order.

Questions? Please join us at one of our upcoming Q & A sessions (details below).

Important information to help you plan your flu vaccinations:

  • Your order will come in batches: We receive vaccine products in multiple shipments from BCCDC, with the first shipment arriving this week and subsequent shipments through December. Although we have 30% more vaccines ordered for this year, we will not have access to all of it up front. Once we receive your order, we will do our best to let you know what you will receive and when.
  • How much to expect: We are planning to provide community vaccine providers with 10-15% more vaccine than used last season. We will also prioritize vaccines for mass community clinics, provided we have sufficient stock available at the time.
  • When to expect it: We expect that over 90% of vaccines will be delivered to Public Health by October 26. Preferred adult vaccines (Fluviral® and Agriflu®) and children’s vaccines (Flumist® and Flulaval® Tetra) will be available by mid October, while preferred vaccine for those aged 65 years and older (Fluad®) will be available late October. Therefore, depending on the age group, larger clinics should be planned for after October 20 for adults and children, and after Oct. 30 for ages 65+.
  • Dependent on available supply, we expect to fulfill ~30% of your seasonal order for adults and children the week of October 13th. The remaining amount is expected to be filled by mid-November. Fluad® vaccines for those aged 65+ will be available after October 27; alternate vaccines can be used before then as needed.

Vaccine order form

  • The Influenza Vaccine Order Form is attached. Please fill out your order for the full flu season, as well as your request for the next two weeks.
  • Order only what you need; you can submit a follow-up order if necessary.
  • We encourage you to collaborate with other providers to help deliver more immunizations in our communities. If you are offering a mass clinic in partnership with other providers, please submit only one order form per mass flu clinic.
  • If you are ordering for a mass community clinic or an Assisted Living facility, please specify the amount of vaccine needed and provide details as noted on the order form.
  • Fax your order form to your local public health unit
  • After your order is received, your local Public Health Unit will contact you about when to pick it up. Please do not call the health unit. 

Picking up your vaccines

  • Your health unit will contact you regarding when to pick up your order.
  • You must bring an appropriate cooler, ice pack and packing material (paper/bubble wrap) to transport vaccines.
  • Agriflu®, Flumist® and Fluad® come as prefilled syringes/sprayers and take up to 9-12 times more space than multi-dose vials. As such, you may require additional coolers and fridge space to transport and store these vaccines.

Storing your vaccines

  • Have all office staff review the BCCDC Vaccine Storage Quick Reference Guide
  • All vaccines should be stored between +2 to +8 degrees Celsius
  • Use a dedicated vaccine fridge and keep a log of the refrigerator temperature twice a day. Vaccines should be kept in the middle of the fridge and not in the refrigerator door.
  • Fluviral® and Flulaval® Tetra are supplied in multi-dose vials. Initial and date a multi-dose vial after first use. Vials have a shelf-life of 28 days from first use.

Q & A with our Medical Health Officer

You may have questions for Public Health about this flu season especially due to COVID-19. We will be offering two live question and answer sessions this week by teleconference:

  • Date and time: Wednesday, September 30, 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
    Sign in: 604-587-4499
    Conference ID: 3470127
  • Date and time: Friday, October 2, from 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
    Sign in link: 604-587-4499
    Conference ID: 3470127

Please submit your questions by going to and entering the event code #FHflu2020 where it says Joining as a participant?. You can start entering your questions anytime, as well as during the sessions. You can also view others’ questions, and vote for those you’d like answered.

Download the influenza vaccine order form for the 2020/21 season.

Important notes:

  • We will try to accommodate your order but cannot guarantee your full order will be filled. This will be dependent on vaccine supply available. We expect 90% of vaccines will be delivered to Public Health by October 26. Larger clinics should be planned for after October 20th for adults and children, and after October 30th for those 65 years and older.
  • Please consult our MHO updates for current information:
  • Do not order vaccine for Long Term Care facilities; they receive vaccine directly from Public Health.
  • If you are ordering for Assisted Living or mass clinics, please indicate below.
  • If you are offering mass clinics in partnership with other providers/practices, please submit only one order per mass clinic

Please note: Fluad® vaccines for those aged 65+ will be available after Oct. 27; alternate vaccines can be used before then as needed.

Please return any unused vaccine from previous influenza seasons to your health unit when you pick up this season’s vaccine.

Reminder regarding the care of vaccines

  • Order only what you need
  • Maintain cold chain during transport
  • Check and log your fridge temperature twice daily (vaccines should be stored between +2 to +8 degrees Celsius)
  • Have all office staff review the BCCDC Quick Reference Guide for Vaccine Storage and Handling
  • If you experience cold chain problems, contact the public health unit immediately
  • Return expired vaccine promptly
  • Information regarding vaccines and schedules is available at:

For any questions, please contact your local health unit

Download the MHO update in PDF format.

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