Report abuse, neglect or self-neglect.

Your first step is to decide if the situation is an immediate emergency that requires a call to 9-1-1.

What should I do if I discover a crime or dangerous situation?

If you discover a crime or dangerous situation, call 9-1-1 to get help immediately.

What should I do if the situation is not an emergency?

Talk to the adult to find out what is going on and if there is anything you can do to help. This may include calling a family member, offering a ride to an appointment or volunteering to run a few errands.

If the situation is not an emergency, if you cannot talk directly to the person you are concerned about, and you are concerned they are unable to get help on their own, then contact Fraser Health to report your concerns.

How do I make a report of adult abuse, neglect or self-neglect to Fraser Health?

Fraser Health is responsible for responding to situations of abuse and neglect involving adults unable to seek support and assistance on their own due to restraint, physical handicap, illness, disease, injury or any other condition that affects their ability to make decisions about the abuse or neglect.

We have trained staff who respond to and investigate reports of possible abuse and neglect of adults. These responders are located in hospitals and community programs throughout Fraser Health.

If you have concerns a vulnerable adult may be:

  • Abused or neglected
  • Living at risk due to neglect or self-neglect
  • Having trouble knowing if they can get support and assistance on their own

Please contact your local Home Health or Mental Health office for adults who are living in the community. For adults who are currently staying in a Fraser Health hospital, you will need to contact the unit social worker.

How do I get help from the Public Guardian and Trustee?

You can contact the Public Guardian and Trustee of B.C. when you are concerned that an adult is no longer able to manage their financial, legal or health care matters on their own.

The public guardian and trustee also receives reports and allegations of financial abuse by a third party. They will gather information, take steps to protect assets and determine if formal arrangements are required for ongoing financial management.

More information

If you are having difficulty making a report of adult abuse or neglect to Fraser Health or if you require additional information: