In a few simple steps, you can begin planning that will ensure that you have a say about your health care now and in the future.

There are five important steps to begin planning: think, learn, decide, talk, and record.

  1. Think about what brings your life meaning, what brings you joy, what are your values, and what a good day looks like for you. Watch this video to help guide you in this exercise.
  2. Learn about your current health and the treatments you may face in the future by having conversations with your health care team – your doctor, nurse practitioner or other health care provider. Read some tips for having these conversations.
  3. Decide who would speak for you if you were unable to speak for yourself. Consider who knows you well, and is willing and able to speak for you. The person you choose will be your substitute decision-maker. Read more about choosing a substitute decision-maker.
  4. Talk to the people who matter to you about what brings your life meaning and how you would like to live. We may believe those close to us know what matters to us most — but if we don’t say it, they won’t know. Read some tips for starting these conversations.
  5. Record your thoughts such as your goals, fears, worries, and priorities. Write your thoughts down in a letter, poem, video or audio recording and then share copies with people that matter to you. We suggest you start by reviewing the My Voice in Action, attend community sessions or contact us to learn more.

Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment - The medical order for scope of treatment or MOST form helps care providers honour what is important to you. 

Interested in learning more? Consider attending one of our upcoming community sessions. 

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