Stage three: Paid post-secondary training leading to registration as a community health worker, and your Return of Service agreement.

Post-secondary training

It will take a health care support worker 6-9 months to complete the post-secondary education component of the community health worker training.

The post-secondary institutions will vary, but you will attend school full-time. This includes a lab component. During your vacations, you will work with Fraser Health home support in the community. 

When you graduate, you will register with the B.C. Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry and will be ready to apply for community health worker roles. 

Post-secondary institution obligations:

  • Contacts the health care support worker to formally register individuals and review credentials.
  • Notifies Fraser Health if there are any issues regarding the health care support worker attendance or performance.
  • Initiates the clinical placements required as part of the training program.
  • Confirms with Fraser Health the list of graduating community health workers.

Return of Service Agreement

In exchange for being provided a fully paid education opportunity, all participants are required to sign the Return of Service agreement with the Ministry of Health at the time of hire.

The Return of Service Agreement is a commitment to complete a 12-month period working as a community health worker upon successful completion of the health care assistant program.

Upon completion of your community health worker training, you must:

  • Immediately register with the B.C. Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry and be available for work.
  • Apply and accept any available regular community health worker positions with home support.
  • If you are unable to attain a regular position with home support, you will either:
    • Be placed on the casual list in the community in which you were employed as a health care support worker
    • Accept any regular community health worker vacancy at any Fraser Health worksite.

If there are no vacancies available, your manager will add you to the casual list and then you can apply for vacancies as they become available.

Once you are hired into a community health worker position, you are obligated to complete the 12-month Return of Service period in the community.

What if I do not accept a position, or I need to leave my employment before 12 months?

You will be required to repay education costs (including tuition, books) plus all stipends paid to you during the education component of the program.

Can I work with home support in any other community during the 12-month period?

In most cases you are expected to remain with your primary community. Certain exceptions may be considered at the time of your Return of Service interview.


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